1. I prefer the Fiat. For some reason Ferraris have never done anything for me (aesthetically anyway). Too angular I suppose.

    1. Not the Pininfarina ones.
      The newer ones are angular, but the older ones, with the Pininfarina styling, who doesn’t want one.
      But then, I’ve always liked the smallish two seater sports cars, with the Italian styling.

  2. They’re red, they’re Italian, and they make all the right noises. A wonderful link to Ian Tyrell.

  3. If I recall correctly, from my own coveting of the Dino 246 GT as a kid, it had the highest skid pad lateral acceleration of any car tested by Road and Track at that time, 0.86 G. Today, my $30k 4-cylinder Mustang pulls 0.95. (But the Dino is still prettier.)

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