Where, Now?

Got this little tip in my email the other day:

WTF is “Podgorica”?

It says something for how out of touch I am that when I looked the place up, I recognized its old name, Titograd, in southern Yugoslavia (now known as “Macedonia Montenegro”).

And unless I’m missing something, that landscape in the little pic is a complete lie, because Podgorica is totally landlocked — well, it’s on a river, but that’s not the sea, innit?

Of course, when I clicked on the link, that super-low price had vanished like Bill Clinton after a pre-teen sex party.


  1. I think – unfortunately – you’re confusing various Balkan countries

    Podgorica is in Montenegro, not Macedonia. Montenegro definitely has a coast; Macedonia (the FYR at least) doesn’t

    The island above is Sveti Stefan; not in Podgorica to be sure (it’s 35 miles away), but close enough

  2. In the last 10 years my wife and I have been to a lot of eastern European countries formerly under communist control and they have usually been better, nicer, cheaper, cleaner and more fun than western European ones.

  3. Never read the Nero Wolfe mysteries by Rex Stout, I guess, or you’d be familiar with Podgorica – – which is the old name – – “Titograd” was a Communist vanity neologism, like “Leningrad” or “Stalingrad.”

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