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So the UK-US “border” is finally opened, and the Brit airines (BA and Virgin) want to make a big deal out of it, so with typical Brit ceremony they schedule dozens of airliners to take off simultaneously from parallel runways, to land at NYFC’s JFK airport, likewise simultaneously.

More than 10,000 passengers flew from London to New York City yesterday on the day the US border was open to international travelers since the coronavirus crisis. British Airways took 8,600 travelers on 26 aircraft while Virgin Atlantic ferried a further 4,500 customers on ten shuttles into JFK as figures soared back to pre-pandemic levels.

And then complain when this occurs:

Hundreds of passengers were left waiting for hours at JFK airport yesterday when three planes reportedly arrived at once on the day the US border reopened.  Furious travelers blasted officials for the ‘disgraceful’ planning as the aircraft landed from Manchester and weary customers flooded into customs.  One flyer posted footage of the chaos on social media as masked people queued in sprawling lines as they waited to be let into the country for the first time in 600 days.

Here’s the kicker:

It is not clear if airports brought in more staff for the big reopening, but it comes amid warnings they were not ready for the huge influx of tourists.

LOL it’s New York fuckin’ City, already crushed by mandatory facemasks, mandatory lockdowns and mandatory vaccine-related staff shortages:  what did you think was going to happen?

I’ve previously stated that JFK is really a Third-World-standard airport — and by that I don’t mean Singapore / Bangkok-type Third World, but the Bangalore / Nairobi kind.  So to expect anything other than chaos on a normal day, let alone this one, was simply stupid.

And, of course, everyone needs a kick in the nads for this fiasco:  the airlines, for making a grand gesture to overload the airports, the airports for not planning for the influx, and lest we forget, the idiots who just couldn’t wait to get here and had to be on those first flights.


  1. Long lines at JFK at immigration??? Hardly new. Every time I’ve arrived on an international flight at JFK , usually at zero dark thirty, there were long lines at immigration. Fortunately, with a US Passport , you are routed around those endless Ques of huddled masses in Hijab’s and Burka’s during the 20 minute hike through the labyrinth and into reasonably short line to see the Passport Nazi and by that time your bags are waiting for you at customs.

    ……. and the best International arrivals Airport was a flight from Miami to Green Turtle Key in the out islands of the Bahamas. It was a small Tin Shack just off the single runway tarmac, where we and the other 8 passengers on our Dash – 8 had our passports stamped by the guy sitting at the desk that filled the shed while we stood outside. That Shed was the Only building at that airport.

    ….. and having been to both, the Bangalore and Nairobi Airports are both nicer than JFK. Even La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador are cleaner and better run than JFK .

  2. Good!! they got what they deserve for demanding to be first and rushing through everything. JFK and all of New York is just one giant clogged toilet


  3. So the Brit pax were annoyed at a two hour wait to clear US Immigration. How is that any different than the usual 2-3 hour delay for American visitors to clear UK Immigration at Heathrow on any given morning pre-WuFlu™?

    I understand that things got better in the latter half of 2019 or early 2020 in that regard, but at 7am, when all the U.S. trans-Atlantic flights arrive at once, bedlam is an all-but-assured result. I’ve stood in those queues after grueling nights in steerage, on seats with about an inch of padding for 7 or so hours and not a chance of sleeping. At least the Brits were all on daytime flights. Where are those stiff upper lips and all that?

  4. Applying PeterG’s recent views on organizational successes and failures, it would make this fiasco line right up with the notion that if you believe that the current industrial civilization is inherently evil, then anything at all that impedes or harms it is good.

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