News Roundup

All the news that’s unfit for anything except derisive laughter.

supply, meet demand.

which means that Ice-T was wearing whiteface?  I’m offended.

just wasn’t his year, was it?  Bad decisions, one after another.

Man U fans being renowned for their own good behavior and manners.

looks like you can go “full evil”And as for the cops, they went “full incompetent” for thirty years.

let’s hear it (again) for a nationalized health service.

hey, I was just about to say that to her.

am I the only one who isn’t shocked by either of the above?



to be honest, all that means is that she’s not infertile.


and who has never wanted to do that?  As for Miss Alessandra:

And no, I had no idea who she was before this, either.  Model, or something.


  1. On the topic of trick-or-treaters, in my old neighborhood the kids took the “trick” part seriously, no candy meant you got your house TPed and/or shaving creamed or egged. One Halloween I wasn’t going to be home, so I put out an empty cardboard box with a sign saying “Take one please”, figuring the kids would think some greedy kid cleaned it out. No mess when I got home so I guess it worked.

    Yeah, a nice guy wouldn’t actually PUT candy in the box.

    Mark D

  2. “Intelligence depends on race”?

    Controversial, yes. Personally, I doubt it. Yes, I know, a very controversial book was written and widely abused that asserted there was a 15 point gap between whites and blacks. Oh! The hysteria and acid indigestion!

    What I think is, we don’t know anything like what the big-brains think we do about intelligence. I think American blacks are often feral because of decades of Progressive establishment policies that hinder them…or ‘help’ them in unhelpful ways. I think that I.Q. tests are indicators rather than precise measures.

    I also think that a guy with 15 I.Q. points less than me, who has clever hands, is likely to love a better life than somebody with 15 points more and three Degrees in comparative literature.

    1. I don’t think intelligence depends on race… but race is more often than not a good indicator, given that Asians and Jews tend to have higher average IQs than Whites, who in turn have higher IQs than Blacks.
      All of which means that the IQ test is rayciss. [eyecross]

      1. Or that several decades of not holding brown persons to normal standards has stunted them as a group.

        Which, when you get right down to it, looks suspiciously like what the Progressive establishment has in mind…except the Progressives aren’t that smart.

  3. Controversial opinion?….oh, pardon me, I forgot for a second that’s lib speak for truth.

    As for Miss Alessandra, I’d take that as an offer to trick me.

    I’ll make sure my costume doesn’t have pants next year.

    Don’t want to waste any time being treating her trick. 😀

      1. True, but I was unable to find any reports of Nigella Lawson telling trick-or-treaters to fuck off.

  4. “Golden Penis Syndrome”. Similar in effect to the “Little Prince” syndrome in Japan, China, and Italy.
    Who didn’t see this result coming thirty years ago when the “Self-esteem” Movement for girls in primary and secondary schools started, and the administrators all decided to make school even less enjoyable for boys?
    As to the perniciously false name for that movement, consider that whatever the psychologists and school experts were measuring as “self esteem” was tens of percentiles lower in female Valedictorians and Salutatorians than in the most ruthless of teen gangsters.

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