We Scared

So SIG Sauer aren’t going to be at Shot Show 2022, are they?

Good.  I think we’ve seen enough of their guns in those SIG-only cases in what seems to be every new gun store in the country, and they’ve stretched the concept of “line extension” so far that even the gun pimps  writers are running out of superlatives to describe the new 365 TTXLS which is such an improvement on the old (released in May 2021) 365 TTXL, honest to God.

And then there’s this:

“For over 30 years SIG Sauer has attended SHOT Show, and we did not come to this decision without much thoughtful deliberation,” the company explained in its announcement. “Our number one priority throughout the pandemic has been, and will remain, our employees. SIG Sauer has an extremely large presence at SHOT Show sending over 140 employees to the show and our pre-show Range Day event. Maintaining this presence, or even a scaled back minimum presence for 2022, represents a significant health risk to all 2,600 of our employees across our 13 U.S. locations, as individuals attending the show return to our facilities and risk continued exposure to our entire employee base.”

Bunch of fucking pussies.


  1. The problem here in NV is not COVID, it is a lunatic governor who is constantly changing the rules which were crazy to start with. Based on past performance, the rules will probably change 3-4 more times between now and January. As it stands now, you can have a large convention if you want to wear masks or you require everyone to be vaxxed and the convention authorities enforce it. But it will probably be something randomly different by Jan. I assume that this is the real reason SiG bailed but they can’t say it because government sales. If they told the truth, not only would NV sales be in jeopardy but Lunatic Central in DC might cancel the Army contract. Also NSSF might get fed up and bail again like they did last year. It is simply impossible to do any rational planning with this sort of regime uncertainty.

    Bottom line is I don’t blame SiG for bailing.

    1. Absolutely right!
      We here in NV have no idea what the rules will be from one day to the next. Of course, living outside of Clark County means “never having to give a damn”, and living life somewhat normally.
      But, as a rural NV FFL who would normally have driven to ‘Vegas for a 3-day sojourn at S.H.O.T., allowing my wife to shop and gamble to her heart’s content (Heh), I’ll probably take a pass even if the show is not cancelled (again).
      But, as to SIG (and I’ve even enjoyed some success with them), they, like many things German (looking at you M-B/H-K) are:
      Overweight, &

  2. I have mixed feelings on Sig. I enjoy their older products “classic line” Aka the P226, P229, P220. Just something about a metal, Dao / Sao trigger. Easy to use. Easy to maintain.

    In my opinion, take it with a grain of salt, for polymer frame pew pews (“plastic fantastic”) I prefer other brands. Just never could get into the P320 or P365.

    As far as the marketing event in Nevada… I think partially that Sig is copping out maybe, however, just the fact that these asshole politicians keep putting in ridiculous restrictions is beyond messed up.

    Right now the firearm industry is selling more than they can make. Supply is low demand is high.

    Say, for example Sig goes to Nevada. Someone gets near someone else that even thinks they have symptoms similar to the Wuhan flu. And they don’t find out until they are back at Sig HQ in New Hampshire. Then some asshole in the guv mint official says to shut the factory down. – Now. In this scenario – you got to see new products at the show. But less will be made.

    I agree with you Mr Kim. It’s bullshit and many people in society today are acting like pussies.

    Businesses are being fined and Shut down for simply doing business the regular old
    Fashioned way.

    Side note – what happened to the regular old flu? We never wore masks or demanded papers for jabs for that….

    The world is full of FAUX CHEE’s now. Lying shit bags who just love to piss on everyone else’s plans.


  3. Shot Show, like nearly all advertising and promotion, does precisely nothing for their sales and profits and costs them a metric ton of money. I imagine that Sig and most of the larger companies have been looking for a way out of that for years. They may also be pussies, but in this case they are just using some political cover for a sensible business decision. Sure, it will probably improve their profit-sharing bonuses as well, but that’s why those incentives exist.

  4. What I read… Look we are going to save a few million dollars in travel, hotel, show fees and customer dinners…

    1. Considering Sig’s facilities in NH that they are expanding, I would think it would be cheaper for SIG to host their own event. They could fly in gun writers etc and have their own range day and product review whenever they want.


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