Looks as though the ammo pipeline is opening up a little:

Sadly, it looks as though the “7-cent” days are gone forever, but at least it’s there for the taking.

Ditto this, from Speer:

I’ve heard good things about this RHT stuff (see link for explanation), and 65 cents per isn’t too bad for .45 ACP.

I can’t afford either at the moment, but there ya go.


  1. Got an email from Midway this morning (likely you did too) offering ammo ammo by as much as 38% off. Lotta dynamics in play–supply chain, demand, and potential customers who can’t afford it. I’m hearing that the bottle neck on the supply side is primers.

  2. when I started getting into firearms are the ripe age of 26 or so, I used to buy a couple boxes of lr, some cold drinks and head to the range with a No 1 Mk III* Enfield converted to lr. It would extract the casing but the ejector originally for the .303 British cartridge wouldn’t reach the 22lr casing so the 22 casing was “stuck” to the bolt face. with a flick, the casing was sent to the magazine that had the follower and spring removed. I’d fill that magazine up with spent brass several times in the afternoon and it would cost $20 or less. Those days are loooooong gone


  3. Ammo has slowly been becoming more available, prices slowly dropping too…

    But despite Remington ammo now being owned by Vista (?) it will be a long, long time before I trust their .22LR, especially in bulk, or the rest of their ammo products… It was so bad before, I’m going to give them a long, long time to practice making quality products before I give them any more money.

    1. The only Remington .22LR I ever bought was just after I bought my first rifle and saw a great bargain for bulk ammo. Out of the five bricks I bought in 1992, I still have over 2400 rounds. I’ve complained about their Thunderturds and Golden Horse Biscuits before, but any other brand I’ve ever shot had smaller groups, even after I became a better shot.
      I have better things to spend my money on than Remington.

  4. The RHT is not only .45 ACP, it is frangible, which as I recall from fifteen years ago, were more expensive than ordinary .45 ACP. If that’s comparable to the standard stuff, as RHT447 said, isn’t selling due to potential customers without money.

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