“Dear Dr. Kim”

Dear Dr. Kim:

My late Mother-In-Law was basically a Dem party communist.  Incapable of departing the party line.  As such she was a GFW.
Therefore my #2 wife was scared of guns.  Prior to us getting married, when she found out I had guns she said I would be getting rid of them, to which my response was “I’ll get rid of you before I get rid of them”.  The subject was dropped, the marriage went forward.
Fast forward to 10 years later.  Some of Wife’s lady-friends talked her into going to an Enhanced Concealed Carry Class.  We attended last Sunday.

My problem is this.  Now my wife is hooked.  We spent yesterday afternoon watching Glock videos.  She now wants a Glock.  In Europellet caliber.  Frankly I’m torn.  I never liked the Glock feel, and always sneered at Europellet.
Had this come 5 years ago when europellet was cheap and widely available, it would have been an easy purchase, just to keep around, and it would have been HER Glock, not mine.
The worst part, is, after 200 rounds, I’m starting to like the Glock too.  It feels like I am admitting to trying gay sex and enjoying it.

What do I do? — Concerned, Ellisville PA


Dear Concerned:

Look on the bright side.  She could have fallen in love with a Hi-Point.

As for the gay sex thing, always remember:  the Romans believed that if you could only enjoy sex with a woman, you were only half a man — and their empire lasted over a thousand years.

— Dr. Kim


  1. Hey – don’t knock Hi-Points. They may be the ugly ducklings of the shooting world, but any port in a storm. I’ve fired one, and its not Glock\Ruger accurate, but in normal 7-14m range, you’ll hit the target. I don’t own one, but for close-in home defense, if it flings bullets…

    Once you clean the feed ramp of that gawd-awful paint (why in the world did they put it there???) its loading issues ease greatly. Plus, there are plenty of YouBoob vids that show how to improve it to make it useful. Even the carbine models shoot pretty well, if weighing a metric tonne.

    And, if you run dry, its heavy enough to use as a club, if you don’t have a fighting knife (or some other cudgel) handy.

  2. There’s a guy on YouTube who builds unusual and interesting projects … chests, shelves, workbenches … from scrap lumber and recycled nails. I have a hard time watching the otherwise fascinating videos because he pounds his nails with a ball-peen hammer. That’s just so wrong my mind rebels.

  3. Ain’t anything wrong with a 9×19 Glock. Yeah, there is nothing sexy about it (rather the reverse, really), but it works. It’s lighter than a CZ 75, lighter and higher capacity than a High Power, has tons of aftermarket parts and holsters, and plastic-fantastic disposable-magazine manufacturer Magpul (among others) makes cheap and reliable feeding devices for it. And the Gen5 Glocks are (in my estimation) the best ones the company has ever produced.
    As for the 9mm, it still sucks in FMJ, but in defensive HP, it ain’t our granddaddies’ 9×19. The stuff available today works, and sucks no more than any other pistol cartridge (which all suck, which is why we have rifles). As a sidearm to carry when you can’t have a rifle, a G17 or 19 and some decent HP ammo is just as legitimate a choice as any 1911 (heresy!), and won’t make Baby JMB cry if it winds up in an evidence locker for two years.

  4. I recall that somebody (can’t find who in at least two minutes of research) said that Julius Caesar was a man for every woman and a woman for every man. In today’s world he probably would carry a Beretta.

  5. I don’t see the reference to gay sex in this letter to the doctor, but I don’t have the best gaydar, so I’m sure I missed it

    But having a wife who is smitten with Glock 9mm models is clearly a first world problem

    It doesn’t mean you need to compromise on your own feelings on such existential matters as choice of weapons or calibers

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