If ever I come onto this here website and start boasting about my latest shotgun purchase, and it’s this one:

…you’ll know it’s time to come and take me away in a coat with belted sleeves.

Great Vulcan’s bursting bladder, that is the ugliest gun I’ve ever seen.  At first I thought it was one of those kit things where you have to add a barrel — but nooo it’s apparently a complete gun.  S&W has made some interesting guns in their storied history, but this looks more like something Kel-Tec would make.


I need to look at a decent shotgun quickly, just to suppress the dreaded Vomit Reflex, so here we go with a Purdey Bar Action Hammer in 12ga:

…and a close-up:

Okay, I feel better now.

To forestall anyone who may start mumbling about “close-quarter combat  situations” and such:  if I’m in one of those, I’d rather have an AK with 30 rounds.


  1. I don’t have a problem with any of them. If my wallet was real fat I’d have a lot more guns than I do.

  2. That M&P 12 from Smith just seems like a copy of the Kel Tec like you mentioned Mr. Kim.

    Sad that some in the gun industry just copy others. Smith also seemed to copy the Springfield Hellcat with their double stack Shield Plus.

    And the original M&P shield was not a new idea in 2012 to 2014 era. Kahr arms has been making small single stack semi autos in 9MM, 40 and 45 since the 90s.

    And in my experience, out of the box, smith and Wesson triggers on their semi autos are awful. Crunchy. Heavy. Gritty. Which is why so many companies offer aftermarket triggers. However why bother? By the time you put the money into getting anther trigger you could have had a Sig, Glock or something better to begin with.

    Some people like Smith Revolvers. I’ll agree some of them look stylish. I myself would much rather have a Ruger. Or a Colt. The Ruger GP100 is awesome. And you can’t beat a single action Ruger Single Six. Style and function.

    Other than Smith’s revolvers (which I don’t think are that great anyways, just stylish), I think other brands offer much better looking and more functional designs.

    And back to shotguns. Side by side and pump shotguns are the best. As Kim said, if you need something different, get a rifle.

    This M&P 12 is just another modern mostly plastic piece of crap. I know polymer handguns are utilitarian (Glock’s) however plastic has become way over used in the gun industry.

  3. Just over 40 years ago I got a Stevens 311 double barrel. It works for birds, small game, and deer. I have tried pumps and semi autos but have gone back to the DB.

  4. Well it may be ugly, but its just the kind of shotgun you need to move around inside a room or hallway, semi auto would be better too.

    1. Well, mostly, although unless the barrel is about 16 inches or shorter, there won’t be much expansion of the shot group at social distances.

  5. I agree complete about this ugly shotgun and other plastic Star-wars silly looking guns. Were I younger and needed a shotgun to go after bad people my choice would be a Winchester 97 with a 20 in barrel and that would do the job.

    When it comes to pistols I like the good old steel pistols like my Colt 1911 and Browning Hi-Power and did not care for Glocks at all until my son gave me one, an extra he had and now I own a second one, they work rather well for me and I can hit where I am aiming but they are kind of butt-ugly.

  6. Kel-Tec is great at innovating and bringing new concepts to market.

    Their production volume and poor QC make them suck, though.

    That said, the only shotgun I own (or currently want to own) is a Beretta 1301 Tactical with a +2 tube extension and a red dot. It’s absolutely awesome for what it is!

    1. Kel Tec has poor quality? Really? Hmmm. I have had ZERO issues with Kel Tec.

      In my experience, I have seen Kel Tec have GREAT quality. Cheap, but reliable. Not the prettiest. But they work. Spare parts like recoil springs are inexpensive.

      Smith & Wesson quality, now THERE IS some quality issues! Go on YouTube. Search for Smith and Wesson Customer service issues. One guy had to send back multiple revolvers multiple times.

      I have personally had S&W products that were not up to par.

      I no longer own any S&W Handguns (sold them all). I will never ever again purchase any S&W Handguns, new or used.

      Anyone can make a lemon. However, how does the company handle the problem? Other manufacturers have made things right QUICKLY!

      Ruger sent me a BRAND NEW REVOLVER to replace one with a COSMETIC issue. IN 7 days door to door replacement (well, Ruger to FFL). THAT IS SERVICE! And either the FFL did not charge me the transfer fee or Ruger maybe paid for it, because I did not have to pay a transfer fee on the replacement Ruger either.

      Back to Kel Tec, they make cheap reliable firearms in my experience. If you want to pay more for a name, go ahead. That does not mean you get a better product.

      I think some Smith and Wesson products are stylish. But they are NOT for me. Also, leaves a bad taste in my mouth that former leadership at S&W made a deal with the CLINTON GANG. And to this day, most of the new revolvers sold still have those stupid fucking locks built in. Fuck that noise, No locks built in on Ruger and Colt.

  7. I love the Kel-Tec KSG. If this copy has better reliability, I’ll like it better. Failure to feed is a known issue with the KSG.

    What do I like about it? Quick and easy to handle; capacity; compact for storage; ability to load slugs in one tube and buck in the other. It gives you great flexibility from indoors out to 150 yards.

  8. For the love of God, why can’t they design something like the Neostead that has you pulling back on the forearm when firing? (Take a bow South Africa)
    There have been cases of people literally shooting their hand off when the hand slips or the pistol grip breaks off with bullpup shotguns.

    1. That is true. A magpul hand stop on the slider is mandatory. I don’t know why the makers don’t include one as a standard feature. I don’t trust the vertical foregrip – they have been known to break off, allowing the hand in front of the muzzle.

      In fairness, all of the reports of hands in front of muzzle I have read involve alcohol, reckless attempts at rapid-fire, or both.

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