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Actually, a multitude thereof, and all in the same article.

Mulcahy, pictured, was only trialed in 2000 when Duffy confessed he had been his accomplice.

FFS, it’s not enough that “trialed” is now being used as a replacement for “tested”;  now these illiterate assholes are using it instead of “tried” (in the judicial  sense)?

It doesn’t end there:

From there, the police started to look for a man with a A blood type…

You mean “the” A blood type, of course.

To add insult to injury [sic] , there’s this:

“The other thing, and we’ve never made this public, is that a tourniquet was used”

Ahem.  A tourniquet is a stopgap medical device to cut off massive bleeding in a wounded limb;  a garotte is looped around the neck and tightened by turning a stick or piece of metal as a means of strangulation.

And their description of the murder weapon:

They thought that [the piece of wood] been used as an accelerator to burn the body. It wasn’t. It was used act fallen out of the knot that had been used to strangle Maartje.

Right now, I am not allowed to visit Britishland, which is probably A Good Thing.  There would be murders at the Daily Mail offices, perhaps even by garotte (which would be fitting).

Gah.  Where’s the Sipsmith?


  1. Last year I almost lost a friend being a grammar nazi. I had just buried mom and he was expressing sympathy for her “internment”. I said something like “she was interred, not interned. We buried her…not put her in prison.”

    My mom died, and next thing you know, I’m the asshole.

    1. On the contrary, I think it’s quite admirable that in the midst of mourning you were able to maintain your standards.
      And condolences on yer Mom.

  2. Deepest condolences, Ravenwood. I hope your mother is resting in peace eternal. My Mum passed away in 2003, and after all this time hardly a day goes by without me thinking of her, especially when I think of her saying that back then we must be close to the end of days because the world was going so crazy. What would she think now?

    Kim, a few years back a small publishing house put out a trade paperback of Jeff Rice’s Kolchak Papers (his original novel, known as The Night Stalker, and his novelization of Richard Matheson’s script for The Night Strangler). The book contained at least a dozen typos. I thought the publisher could have easily found any number of Kolchak fans to read the galley proof and find the typos… But no.

    It’s sad that a so-called journalist at the Daily Mail wrote such garbage, it’s even sadder, and maddening, that a so-called editor didn’t catch and correct the errors. But that’s what happens when women’s studies and critical race theory are more important than English and Rhetoric.

    Were I ever to win Congressional office (never gonna happen since I live in one of Chicago’s “collar counties”), I would give to my staff copies of Hillsdale College’s pocket Declaration of Independence and US Constitution, a spelling dictionary, a copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, and my own list of words and phrases I never want to see and hear again. (e.g., it’s not “optics”, it’s “that looks bad.”). The outer office would have a copy of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (aka Webster’s Unabridged Doorstop, aka Webster’s Unabridged Blunt Instrument), and anyone caught in error would sit in the corner doing remedial reading and study. Want to compare my treatment of staff to Kamala Harris’s? Fine. But do it eloquently.

  3. Crimes against the English language predate spell check software and gender studies majors. Back in the mid 1970s proofreading was supposed to have been done by real people – usually English majors who were working their way through grad school. I read an article in the local fish wrap about a man who had sued his employer because he had been “electrocuted” in an industrial accident. Even in those days I knew that the definition of “electrocuted” meant that you had been killed by electric shock. The idea of a corpse being resurrected to file a lawsuit had much more religious significance than I was prepared deal with.

  4. “They thought that [the piece of wood] been used as an accelerator to burn the body. It wasn’t. It was used act fallen out of the knot that had been used to strangle Maartje.”
    Accelerator or accelerant? I have an accelerator in my truck.

  5. Don’t mind me, I’m still pissed off because “pleaded” has been substituted as the past tense of “plead” instead of “pled” which has worked just fine for several centuries.
    I don’t recall being consulted in this matter; it was “pled” when I left the U.S. for three years in Spain, and suddenly this awkward-sounding upstart was in use.

  6. I could argue in good faith that “an A blood type” was also correct. There is never a situation where “a” is the correct article.

  7. Just to top it all off with a cherry on top of the whip cream and a round of roodles –
    Who here thinks that ANY of this insanity is going to improve AT ALL within our
    lifetimes ??
    Thought so and I agree.

  8. “Farewell, farewell to my beloved language,
    Once English, now a vile orangutanguage.”

  9. I would tend to write:

    > From there, the police started to look for a man with blood type A….

    which happens to avoid the whole issue with articles. Having the letter before the “blood type” phrase sounds weird to me.

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