1. Iron Butterfly was one of this bands that put out some great music and some absolute crap. I think likely because they had a lot personal turnover but who knows. Their good stuff is very much worth remembering though. I listen to it relatively often.

  2. You dont get those 15 min tracks anymore or entire album sides.
    Remember Quicksilver Messenger Service “Happy Trails” ?

    1. There’s only one type of radio station in the USA that is ready to play 17-minute uninterrupted pieces, and that’s an NPR station doing classical symphonies or operas. And heavy metal doesn’t exactly fit there… So music publishers looking for air time to promote their product want it broken up into short pieces.

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    1. I love that little old lady church organist!

      One of my friends in high school bought this album soon after Iron Butterfly first released it. It was, um, interestingly different from anything preceding it. AFAIK, it was the first heavy metal to be published, in the days when stamping vinyl was the only way to do that.

      I doubt it would have been a success if the writer had stayed sober enough to pronounce “In the Garden of Eden” and the album cover included Christian imagery. But slur it until it was mis-heard as something like the name of a Hindu holy text and design the cover to match….

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