Slip Of The Mask

This little excerpt of a Biden “speech” has been making the rounds.

As we all know, it’s eerily similar to a comment made by one J. Stalin:

“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how;  but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”  — (as noted by his longtime secretary Boris Bazhanov in his book “The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary” )

Note, by the way, that Stalin was talking about an intra-party vote rather than a popular one — but contrary to what Leftist history professors [some redundancy]  may say, that makes absolutely no difference because the principle is precisely the same.

There are actually two takes on President Braindead’s utterance:

  1. He went off script and unwittingly uttered exactly what he and his cronies think, or
  2. He was actually reading off the script that one of his staffers wrote for him, and the staffer wasn’t aware of the effect of those words.

Neither option makes Ol’ Fuckwit look good, nor his party;  but it’s not like we need any confirmation of their bastardy or his incoherence, do we?


  1. Kim,
    On the third hand, it is possible that he was actually reading off the script that one of his staffers wrote for him, and the staffer WAS aware of the effect of those words. And approved the message.

  2. I think there are two things at play here. Just my opinion, I could be right or wrong…

    1 – I look at Joe Biden a lot like that Weekend at Bernie’s movie. An idiot who can NOT function on his own in any way shape for form, so he is a puppet propped up by others. I think Biden overhears others talking about the plans to screw the hard working Americans who love their country and freedom, and stupidly goes off script and spills the beans.

    Kinda like a 5 year old, you tell the child ok little Johnny, DON’T repeat this OK, this is what the secret is. And then, the 5 year old then goes and tells everyone and anyone who will listen. And like the 5 year old, they give the child treats as a dessert / reward. I cringe when the media repeatedly shows Biden getting ice cream and Biden talking about Ice cream all the time.

    2. In reference to the above, maybe the Democrats, Socialists and Globalists do not even care any more about their plans being out there. I mean, a few weeks before the election, Hillary Clinton stated on TV “Joe, Don’t concede on election night, wait a while and let the process work out”.

    Then look what happened during the (FRAUDULENT) Election. Trump WON by a LANDSLIDE. Was NOT even close. Then TRUCKLOADS of ballets start showing up the next morning after the election. What does the Media and Dems say “well, absentee and mail in ballets can’t be counted until AFTER the in person ballots”. The problem with that bullshit is that in some states it took 3 days or more past the election of dumping ballots from people who don’t exist to get Joe over the top.

    Does anyone with a working brain truly and seriously believe this dementia ridden dip shit received 81 million votes?

    Joe and the Ho. We have a President with no wits, and a loser female who used affirmative action and her lips to suck her way to the top. And the Democrat Socialist machine helped these two dumbasses.

    Don’t forget, Joe Biden has experience – he came to the United States Senate 120 years ago (JOE’s OWN WORDS). I am astonished that someone this stupid made it so far. Says a lot about the amount of stupid people we have in this country willing to help idiots like this gain power.

  3. Don’t forget about the other fools Biden has working with him.

    Jen Psaki is one that comes to mind. As Trump would say “Such a nasty woman”.

    In general you see 3 styles / types of women

    1. Some women are HOT and SMART. Those women usually makes tons of money and have men in their lives that worship the ground they walk on. (Kayleigh McEnany and Rachael Ray immediately come to mind). Well spoken, skilled in their craft, and they look amazing.

    2. Some women are not super hot, but they are amazingly nice, respectful and great at their trade. (Stacey Dash comes to mind)

    3. There are women who are SMOKE SHOWS to look at, hot as hell, but they are dumb, stupid, crazy or nasty. Or a combo of those. (Britney Spears comes to mind).

    Jen Psaki is skilled in her craft (being a nasty bitch who spews bullshit), but she is FUGLY!


  4. He did something similar several months back, when he said that “‘We’ (his party) had “created the greatest voter fraud organization in history.”
    I don’t think he’s intentionally going off script so much as losing his place during his speech, due to dementia, and just randomly parroting out stuff he overhears his handler cabal discussing in meetings. He blanks, and the politician lizard brain kicks in and just starts spewing stuff to keep the flow going. With feeling. His senior moments are actually a good window into what’s really going on. He gets in front of a microphone and spews their playbook.

  5. I’m not ready to diagnose Creepy Joe with any disease without an examine and more data. Also, I’m not going to look for a complicated answer when simple ones will suffice. Considering that, I don’t know if Creepy Joe has dementia but he certainly has been a foul mouthed foul minded utter asshole at the peak of his health. He plagarized in college and out of college. He has been inflammatory “I don’t work for you” said to a worker in Michigan I believe, he called a young lady a “lying dog faced pony soldier” not to mention Biden’s racist remarks about Obama being clean and well spoken, being of Indian ancestry as a requirement to work in a convenience store, or about not voting for him makes you not black etc etc. In my opinion, Creepy Joe is a just a gutter snipe who relentlessly spews trash talk but the propaganda arm of the racist Democrat death cult masquerading as news media just gives Creepy Joe and his fellow party commissars a free pass on whatever they say.

    Every so often the mask does slip such as Rahm Emmanual saying “never let a crisis go to waste” and Eric holder saying that people have to be brainwashed to believe their cult’s propaganda.

    We need more of the electorate to see through the nefarious policies and words of the racist Democrat cult and then we need the electorate to do something about it. Unfortunately, the media is a propaganda machine against us and the “education” system has become an indoctrination machine.

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