Monday Funnies (Delayed)

The only good thing about this being Tuesday is that it’s the beginning of a short week.  Otherwise, however, it’s the same old job:

So let’s get on with it, “it” being Teh Funneez.



I think they do cosmetic surgery as well as cosmetics because :  1) thinner face, 2) sharper chin, 3) no bags under eyes and 4) bigger breasts.

And on that topic, heeeeere’s Kelly:

And if this doesn’t put a spring in yer whatsit, you’re beyond help.


  1. I have to disagree on the before-and-after makeover pics, the the first her face is relaxed into a grimace and she’s slouching, in the second she’s holding her lips together and probably sucking her cheeks in, and she’s holding her shoulders back.

    Some time ago I read an internet article by a male model who did those before-and-after shots for whatever weight loss fad. The two pictures were taken literally hours apart, and the “after” shot was taken first (being a model, he was already in good shape). They used a little make-up to highlight his six-pack, he stood up straight, sucked in his gut, etc. After the first pics, he’d go home, eat a lot of salty food (causing him to retain water), drink lots of water (to give him something to retain), and the rest was posture and lighting.

    As for Miss Brook, WOW.

    Mark d

    1. Yup. Contour make-up can really make things pop. I recently watched a “Korean Girls Try ….” video that was a couple of 20-something girls using such makeup on their cleavage and it really did make them look larger.

      Instagram “influencers” often talk about their lighting and posing “tips/secrets” and just how many pics they have to take to get “the perfect shot” looking just how they want it also.

      Edit to find that video again, in case anyone cars to see it also… —

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