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A couple weeks ago, C.W. posted this pic:

It is, of course, one of the earlier offerings from the once-defunct and since-resurrected Wiesmann company, and as lovely as that picture is, it doesn’t do the car justice.  Here are a couple more:

Here’s the interior:

From Wikipedia:

Wiesmann used BMW six-cylinder engines to power its MF models, until the introduction in 2003 of the GT MF4, which used BMW’s 4.8-litre V8, and the MF 5, which used the M5’s 5.0-litre V10.

The cars are all, of course, hand-built and don’t ask about the price.  (Okay, okay:  think new Aston Martin DB11 price for a secondhand Wiesmann MF 5.)

Lottery payout permitting, the MF4 would be on my shortlist of “Outrageously-Overpriced Self-Indulgent Midlife Crisis Cars”:

Come to think of it, it might well be the only car on that list.

Don’t ask me to pick between the Roadster (ragtop) or GT (roof).  Nor between the tan or white leather interior.  As for automatic- vs. manual transmission… that, I could decide.


  1. Be still, my beating heart!

    If your heart is up to it, take a look at the Morgan Plus 6.

  2. Why do I keep thinking that a Morgan had sex with a Jaguar (early 60’s) and this resulted?

    Beautiful lines, simply because they are so close to classic Jaguar. That it does not have Lucas electrics makes it yet more sublime. Pity my banker won’t agree with the price (that be SWMBO).

  3. If you can aford one you can afford not to have that ugly license plate on the front end. Just pay the fine. It’s not like the police, FBI excluded, couldn’t figure out who owned it.

    1. The plates are German, it doesn’t work like that in Germany.
      You’d get one warning (and fine) and if you were caught again without a front plate the car gets impounded until you fit one.

  4. It looks to me like a modern day iteration of a C type Jaguar. It certainly would improve the appearance of my garage.

  5. No thank you. The coupe is as ugly as a dung beetle. It could have been a modern iteration of the 50s Jaguars, but they missed. I like curvy cars, but not this one.

  6. The prices are eye watering all right but even after winning some lottery, I’d still have to say no.
    Now if someone gave me one ( hey, it could happen !! ) or I found one carelessly
    left lying around, ( I actually DID find a AC Cobra once, parked all by its lonesome at night on a freeway bridge overpass, and YES, I was VERY tempted ! ) I’d have to see if I could work a swap for a Veyron or a GT40 ( one of the originals ! ) – either would do nicely !!

  7. The coupe appears to be a melding of an early Marcos GT with the style of a C-Type (XK-C, for the purists) – so Early-50’s meets Early-60’s. Now, if they’d only put the supercharged Jag V-8 into it instead of something composed of Munchen Gemlins.
    On the exterior (and this might conflict with some Euro nonsense rule or other), all the exterior lighting should be recessed and covered, to give an absolutely smooth line, for max. aero.

  8. Beautiful cars like beautiful women should have curves. I’ve always lusted after an XKE and lusted even more after a complete replacement of the engine, running gear and most definitely electrical system. I could do a Wiseman as long as I had a rock solid F150 and flatbed trailer to haul it to my mechanic.

    The car is voluptuous with none of the air scoop, right angle, gunship look of today’s cars.

  9. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson, it’s a 60s throwback with none of the 60s drawbacks.

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