1. The whole over-reaction to the Chink Virus is because people are statistically ignorant.

    1. Yup.

      “OMG how is mankind ever going to survive an epidemic with a 0.1% mortality rate?”

  2. This also what happens when you ‘green light’ something for political gain – Thank You FDA – as complex as testing a new drug ( these shots AREN’T a vaccine !! ) to be given to ANYONE regardless of age, health condition, medical history. Everybody in the world can take it with no side effects !!
    Yeah, right. NEVER going to happen !
    No pharmaceutical company in the world would put out drug or even bottled Kool-Aid without warnings or limitations or cautions to be taken. Hence the waivers and legal limits saying that the drug producers CANNOT be sued !!!
    The side effects also help to sustain the fear level of the ignorant masses ! The word ‘ignorant’ being used here in it’s truest sense, not as an insult, which it isn’t.
    This whole campaign has been to get as many people as possible scared of their own shadows and clamor for the government to ‘help’ – which is a wonderful excuse for SIEZING POWER ! Sorry, can’t help you UNLESS we have the power ( and the authority ) to do …………………………..
    If it isn’t stopped your GRANDCHILDREN will be wearing masks and God only knows what else.
    Now that the patterns for widespread infections are known, to a degree. The virulence of the virus is known to the same degree. We can now plan the next step, tweak the virus so that it is just little more contagious, a little more lethal ( or maybe a LOT MORE LETHAL – we have to many people anyway !! ), a little more resistant etc. so that the ‘herds’ can be controlled even more.
    Think about it, and what has happened so far and what is being fought versus what is being pushed. Think Gavin Newsom’s wet dream on steroids and you’ll be getting close !!

  3. Still waiting for the CDC to release the official count for total US deaths from all causes for the year ( 2020 ) . They just released some totals for some categories , but not the final grand total number. It normally goes up 15 to 18k per year, ( because population also increases ) so the number expected would be about 2,870,000 for 2020. Any number above that would be attributable to the Covid 19 ” Spike ” in deaths. Somehow, I suspect that the grand total may not be much larger than the expected number ………. and the longer it takes to disclose the Grand total the more I suspect it might even be lower than expected.

    1. Keep in mind that “excess deaths” is NOT equal to COVID deaths. The lockdowns have caused deaths in themselves: increased stress-related disease due to both being locked-in and due to financial problems, increased obesity among people staying home from work and watching TV (and closed gyms and parks), canceled doctor appointments, and canceled surgeries.

  4. More Masks…..
    Got to get to work making a sign to put in front of the shop –
    This is a peaceful town
    We have found that Bandits wear masks
    Bandits are not peaceful and can come to messy ends when shot
    Don’t be a Bandit

  5. It’s all political grandstanding to be able to blame the UK for something and punish them for Brexit.
    It’s hardly surprising the Dutch government announced stopping all vaccinations a day after announcing they’re sending millions of surplus vaccine doses to other countries, which came just days after announcing they were short by millions of doses to vaccinate the population.

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