1. If someone told me I have to make them feel better my first reaction would be to slap their face right on the spot.

    You don’t get to slave me into making you feel better, that is YOUR job, not mine.

    The very fucking nerve of these people.

  2. My reaction to the demands that someone’s feelings of anxiety need to be validated is to suggest they speak to their doctor about Chlorpromazine.

  3. I was reprimanded by 30-something pussy a couple months ago at our outdoor farmer’s market. He didn’t take kindly to my suggestion that he’d better stay 6 ft away from me, then. I advised him to call his mommy & have a good cry like the precious little snowflake he is, and he left in a cloud of woe & lamentation. It was a curious dichotomy: there were oodles of witnesses to this exchange & I was the only one not wearing a mask. But not a single onlooker came to the pussy’s defense.

  4. Another appropriate response was authored by the former gov of my home state of Washington, the late great Dixy Lee Ray. Lived in a double wide, raised hogs, drove an XKE & didn’t suffer fools. She bruised some tender sensibilities when she invited a reporter to “go fuck yourself with a chainsaw.”

      1. Dr. and Professor. Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission before she became gov. To paraphrase Good Will Hunting: that broad was wicked smaht.

        And funny – when one of her sows littered, she named each member of the brood after legislators she especially despised. Sausages made from that litter were later served to their namesakes at a state function.

  5. Ted Cruz was born at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Canada.

    It’s really too bad we couldn’t keep him up here.

  6. My gym doesn’t require people to wear masks – because doing heavy exercise while wearing something over your mouth and nose is the stupidest idea ever. Last week a cry-baby in his 20’s was threatening to cancel his membership because he didn’t feel safe. The gym laughed at him and told him “tough shit”, then cancelled the membership. He has more people coming in now than he did 2 years ago because he doesn’t make them exercise with masks on.

  7. “It’d make us feel better.”

    The key issue is the “us.” These people really have been akskimmilated into Journo Borg.

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