1. I think MOndale has said in more than one interview it was at that point he knew he would not be elected president. Reagan had wit and charisma on his side and he communicated conservative ideas very well. The GOP needs a great communicator again.


        1. The GOP is only marginally less reprehensible than the Dems, so I’m not holding my breath for the next Ronaldus Magnus from that quarter. Cruz has the intellect & conservative chops without the charisma. Ditto Mike Lee. Rand Paul shows promise, except he appears too invested in being a GOP senator, with the emphasis on GOP. Allen West & Ben Sasse are studs, not sure why they seem to be content as wallflowers. Whatevs, as the kids are wont to say. Color me pessimistic.

  1. Can anyone recommend a good book on the events in Chile that lead to Pinochet becoming president and his administration?


  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by! Really appreciate the shoutout and everyone grabbing shirts!

    Used to read your blog WAY back in the day. I reckon it’s time to catch up.

    Ian McLeod — Founder

    1. Hey, Ian: drop me a line for T-shirt ideas. I have a few… and a few hundred Readers who might be interested in them. Email me if you can.

      1. Kim,
        Could the Nation of Riflemen T shirt make a come back? I’d like to grab one or three, i missed them the last time around


          1. ThoseShirts.com seems to be selling them. $19.95 plus shipping.

            I wore one at the last CMP Western games to be held in California, back in 2006, and got a lot of “attaboys” from the other contestants.

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