News Roundup

If you subtract all the news items relating to The Oprah Interview with Ginge and Whinge, as well as all the same tired old Chinkvirus alarmism and panic, there’s not much left to work with.  Still, we persevere:

I just can’t wait for the first ex-man-now-woman in the Navy to apply for pregnancy leave.

and if it wasn’t colonialism, then it was climate change.  Or Trump.

and should any Hollywood actors or actresses wish to indulge in this kind of extreme makeover, I will gladly lend them my chainsaw.

in other “news”, dog bites man.

and don’t think we’re gonna forget it, Clarkson.

I have a better idea:  why not a 6pm curfew on women instead, if their safety is such an issue for them?  Not that the old harridan proposing this idiocy has anything to fear, mind you.

oh Nancy, feel free to share the research you doubtless have on this one.  And speaking of lying gun-control cocksuckers:  

Rep. Eric Swalwell Claims GOP Senators Inspiring ‘White Nationalists’ To ‘Take Up Arms Against Their Government’
hey, Eric, ol’buddy:  I’m pretty sure that as far as your government is concerned, they don’t need any encouragement from the Stupid Party.  Just sayin’.


yeah, good luck enforcing that one, Commie assholes.

must confess I’m a little conflicted, here.  On the one hand, Piers lost his job because he dared to say on TV that he didn’t believe Princess CaringSlut’s little speech on Oprah.  On the other hand, Piers Morgan is still the world’s biggest assholeSee my problem?

allows a whole bunch of old people to die  through his policy of ramming Chinkvirus patients into old-age care homes:  no problem.  Fondled a couple of female staffers five years ago:  HE GOTTA GO !!!!!!!! 

key word in this report:  Wales.  Unexpectedly, the report does not contain the word “sheep”.

And speaking of outdoor sexy:

Jane Seymour and her… grandchildren?

gives the old expression “grab-a-grannie” a whole new perspective, dunnit?


  1. Re: Ms. Seymour. Not sure if that’s a shadow or a cameltoe, but either way the thigh gap is impressive.

  2. I gave up on Clarkson when I saw him wearing a ‘Che’ tee shirt.
    Figured he either was very ignorant of some of Guevara’s ‘accomplishments’, or he was aware of said atrocities but didn’t care or he agreed with Guevara’s ‘methods’.
    Either way, I no longer have any use for him or his ‘viewpoints’ on ANYTHING.

  3. Cuomo lost support of Dems. I say bring the accusations and any evidence to a grand jury. If they hand down an indictment, then resign. After all, he should be considered innocent until proven not guilty in a court of law. The court of public opinion has no threshold or requirements for evidence and proof. Routinely it solely relies on hearsay

    After his trial results in a guilty verdict, then we can flay him at the pillory


  4. “…I just can’t wait for the first ex-man-now-woman in the Navy to apply for pregnancy leave.”
    Before or after she gets her maternity flight suit?

    And JQ, amid all the Cuomo kerfluffle, you notice that nooobody’s talking about nursing home deaths, just Cuomo grabbing an inappropriate feel?

    1. Crazy Eight,
      I still hear some rumblings about Freddo Cuomo’s murderous policies towards nursing homes but they have gotten a lot quieter with his accusations of sexual assault. I think Dems want him and his nursing home policies to go away. They don’t like him so they decided on a way to make him go away and get smeared. Since Freddo Cuomo hasn’t folded yet, we get some great Democrat self destruction


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