Quote Of The Day

From some Dead White Guy:

“Thou hast it now:  king, Cawdor, Glamis, all,
As the weird women promised, and, I fear,
Thou play’dst most foully for’t.”

Pat Buchanan has similar, albeit less poetic thoughts on the topic.

Never have the words of the Bard seemed so appropriate:

“Fair is foul, and foul is fair;
Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

See y’all tomorrow.  I’m off to the range.

I was also there yesterday, btw:

Just getting the old eye in and trigger finger exercised…

Eat shit, Biden.


  1. Looks like those black rifles cleaned up nicely after being recovered from the canoe overturning…

  2. I’ll be at the range tomorrow checking patterns of different loads with the new shotgun.
    I’d go today but the cops have the outdoor ranges booked.

    1. There is sobbing of the strong,
      And a pall upon the land;
      But the People in their weeping
      Bare the iron hand:
      Beware the People weeping
      When they bare the iron hand.
      — Herman Melville

  3. If you watch any of the episodic histories of WWII, you will know my reference. In most of the episodes about the fall of France in 1940, they show a short film clip of a middle-aged Frenchman, standing at the side of the road as the German troops march into Paris. He wears a dark coat, and his black beret, and the film shows him wiping away tears of sorrow and abject frustration as the invaders march past.

    Today, I share his grief at the armed invaders in our Capitol. God help us all.

  4. I spent Monday morning at the range. Unfortunately my gun cases bounced out of the back of my pickup as I crossed the Canadian River bridge driving back into Norman.

  5. That’s some fine shooting, Kim….nicely done!

    This is a difficult day for all of us, no question. Even the left doesn’t seem to be overly enthused although I am sure by this afternoon they will be giddy. They’ve pretty much gotten all that they wanted save for Trumps head on a platter. Ah, well….my heart bleeds for them.

    Buchanan’s article is right on the money.

    Gird your loins, gang…..gonna be a helleva dark 4 years.

    1. When Obama was sworn in I happened to buy a rifle from a last day sale as Sports Authority went out of business. Only time the NICS check was held up for half a day for me. I am sure if national guardsmen have to get approval now from the political commissars, then today we go on some special list.

  6. Once again Pat misses the point of his opponents across the aisle. None of those things are Joe’s problem. Governing is not their concern. Ruling is.

  7. Buchanan confuses America’s problems with the DemonRats problems. For the Ds, all those “problems” are features, not bugs. They hate America, they hate White people, and they hate freedom. Anything that lets them clamp down harder on the rest of us is welcome, and their propaganda arm will either not report any of it, or report that any problems are the fault of bitter, clinging, Deplorable, Trumpkins.

  8. Buchanan repeats the canard that the Democrats can make DC a state. Wrong. That would require a constitutional amendment. As seen by the 18-1 vote and 12-1 registration advantage the Democrats have in DC we see just how foresightful the founding fathers were when they made the center of government a special case and not a state.
    As to Puerto Rico; every time they vote on statehood vs independence vs status quo, they always vote for status quo.

  9. Truth! We work hard from today on, NOT FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, but FOR THE SURVIVAL OF AMERICA!

    Every political level, every election, we drive out every person, D or R, who doesn’t stand for the Constitution and Conservatism. And not just the ones who talk the game, if they can’t PROVE they stand on the right, vote right, for the Right, we don’t need them. Let them kiss the asses of the Libs, Leftists, and liars.

    Like, apparently, Mitch McConnell. Did ya have a great meeting with Schumer yesterday, Mitch? What are your “thirty pieces of silver?”

    1. One more thing: in the late 60’s, I registered to vote for the very first time. I registered as a Republican, because they held views that were closest to mine. Sometimes I thought they were a little too Liberal, but I clenched my jaw and voted for the folks closest to how I believed. Some tried hard to keep up with me but fell short. Others just flat-out lied and never got a second vote from me.

      President Reagan was a shining hope, but the Bush’s left something (a lot) to be desired. President Trump once again showed a light of inspiration, but in the end evil people surrounded him, and now he’s gone.

      Today, I changed my Voter Registration to “No party preference.” I will vote for the PEOPLE who support what I believe. I no will longer tie myself to a dying party when I need people in every office who will support what I want for my nation. I may stand alone here, and some will say that I’m a deserter. So be it. I did not leave the Republicans, they left me.

      1. I’d re-register also, but the County Courthouse that houses the Registrar is closed to taxpayers……er….the public due to the seriousness of the PANDEMIC …..all 32 positive tests, in 10 months, in a county of 1100 souls spread over 3000+ sq. mi.

        1. Here in Aridzona, we have “Motor-Voter,” where you can register to vote when you renew your license. As full of pitfalls as that is, it comes in handy for some things, like changing your registration. Most states have something similar.

  10. Pat is close to the mark.
    Naturally, The Left being The Left, they will over-reach, and what they grab onto will not be pleasant for them. I will relish the moment.

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