Me, Too

I’m with DaTechGuy on this one:

I’m with Trump because he was with me. He improved the economy, he fought for life, he fought for Israel, brought peace to the middle east, made us energy self sufficient and fought for what was right. Yeah he was loud and carried himself with braggadocio but he literally took the wish list of conservatives like myself that republicans have promised for decades and took it seriously doing his best to fill it.

That President Trump did this is remarkable. That he did this with all of DC all of Hollywood, all of Academia and all of media trying to destroy him makes it nothing short of incredible.


I was and still am a Ted Cruz guy. I would support Cruz in a heartbeat for president. I came to Trump reluctantly as the only alternative to Clinton.

I don’t think Trump is going to run again in 2024 because he’ll be too old by then.  I’m hoping for Ted Cruz, because he has the very best chance of repeating the Trump agenda — I don’t think he could have done it before because we needed Trump to show the way.

Otherwise, if Ted doesn’t run then I’ll be pulling for Mike Pompeo.  Both have The Right Stuff, I think.


  1. Re: ” if Ted doesn’t run then I’ll be pulling for Mike Pompeo” – good choices. How about DeSantis as a wild card?

  2. In the early dark hours this morning, while watching the news of all the so-called fine, up-standing, GOP leadership turn their backs on President Trump and call for his impeachment, it occurred to me that Richard Nixon had it right.

    So when I sat down with my first coffee this morning, I got out a fresh yellow pad, and I sharpened up some pencils, and across the top of the first page I wrote ENEMIES LIST. This will be my very own, personal list. I will include politicians, business people, Hollywood stars and wannabees, anyone who has decided to stand against me and the things I believe in. I will list comments when necessary, to remind me just why these people made my list. (For instance, next to Mitch McConnell’s name, I have “Pontius Pilot much, Mitch?”) I expect to fill this first pad in quick order, as there are currently so many people and actions that have just thoroughly pissed me totally the hell off. It’s okay though, as I have a number of other pads I can use, and I can get more pads and pencils locally (no, I won’t be buying them through Amazon, as they’re on my list.)

    I won’t be publishing my list, though I may mention an entry from time to time on sites I trust. I suggest you, too, make a similar list, and that you read it over from time to time, so you don’t forget the people who have been pissing you off, or the reasons why. I urge you to suggest this with trusted friends, too. Again, keep the list off the Net, as you can’t know who will have access to it, or what fallout it might bring you.

    My goal, our goal, should be to have an active, current list of who we DON’T want to support or vote for, and why in time for the 2022 mid-term elections, and a cadre of informed people who can help bring an end to this abomination called the Biden presidency.

  3. Trump did it to himself. Based solely on performance, he should’ve scored an ’84-style Reagan landslide that no amount of tampering could have stopped. But he’s everything Reagan wasn’t – an insufferable prick of the first magnitude. That 1st freak show debate encapsulated everything the Trump haters (including me) hate. I voted for him anyway, but I was one of the few able to hold their nose & pull the trigger. Everyone else said ‘enough already.’ Character counts, & Donnie Douchebag is a fucking cockroach; as repellent as they come.

    I’m all in on Cruz; he was my Chosen One in 2016. DeSantis has positioned himself nicely. And here’s a thought: Allen West.

    1. a) I agree with your sentiment, pretty much. If someone told me during the Obama administration that the guy following him would be an even bigger narcissist who was even more thin-skinned, I’d have thought you were crazy. Then, Trump.

      b) However distasteful his personality is, he did get things done, in a big way. And you’re very naive saying he should have scored an ’84 Reaganesque victory which “no amount of tampering could have stopped.

      He did. And you cannot defend against “any amount of tampering”. When the other side locks observers out, shreds the other side’s ballots, fabricates and rescans their guy’s ballots numerous times, and programs the machine to swing a set percentage of votes from your guy to their guy … well, you’re not living in reality, IMO. There were roughly 14 million more votes cast in this election than there are registered voters in the country. Sources are easy to find on this. You cannot defend against that kind of fraud. You just cannot. And your premise that “one only need to get more real votes than the fraudulent ones” is preposterous.

      1. There’s plenty of evidence of tampering (there’s tampering in every election), but not on the scale that could’ve overcome an ’84 blowout. If you have evidence to the contrary, I’m all eyes & ears.

        1. Seems you weren’t paying attention. They had programs running that essentially “outbid” the Trump voters. With no real limit on votes, you can NOT win against that sort of setup. They just keep piling up votes until they have enough to “win”. LOTS of people, all around the world, need to take a long trip on a short rope to get the message across that this sort of thing will not be tolerated.

  4. I’m Australian, but I weep for my relatives in America. I just cannot believe what has happened. Trump was flawed, yes, but by God he was so far above anyone else it’s beyond a joke! We used to say “God bless America “; now it should be “God help America “.

    1. Trump is petty, a narcissist, crass and a bully but not a damn one of those is a disqualifier for being President. I voted for Cruz in the primaries and backed Trump after he got the nomination. I thought his inexperience in government might impede him from getting his agenda accomplished but I was delightfully wrong. Years of not accepting “no” was to his benefit, because when he was told “no” he attempted to find another solution. Don’t fund the wall, and he takes it from defense. Don’t remove Obamacare and he lowers the tax to 0. His experience in the business world served him well as a problem solver. I hope Cruz decides to seek the nomination and I hope he sees that while Trump’s personality may have cost him some voters his platform and agenda were spot on. The Republicans are trying to diffuse a sticky political situation but don’t forget that Trump drew 70 million + votes.
      You’ll know Cruz is the right one when the media starts in with the “he’s even worse than Trump” mantra.

  5. Yes, DaTechGuy nailed it – this is exactly how I feel.

    For better or worse, Trump’s many accomplishments were always offset by his tweets and behavior. I think those of us who support him had to come to terms with that these last 4-5 years. It was always clear what we were getting. And the media was never going to give him any credit for anything.

    As I’ve said before, I totally understand the vile hatred of Trump from the left – that’s the game although they certainly continue to find new lows as every day passes. Even now, the whole Pelosi/impeachment gambit is nothing more than political hatred and has nothing at all to do with what may be good for the country – not to mention coming together as a nation. I cannot, however, find any understanding of the Never Trump movement. They’ve all become pawns for the left and in short order will be dismissed by them. Bill Kristol, Charlie Sykes, certainly cannot expect to return as any sort of credible voice for Conservatism. I wonder how soon ‘Ol Charlie will find his gig on MSNBC no longer there.

    It’s been tough to be a Trump supporter these past years. I’ve lost friendships over it. Relations with my mostly Liberal family have been strained. But I will not “cut and run”.

    Time to focus on 2022 and 2024.

  6. I seriously wonder if the Republican Party will still exist in 4 years. The party leadership is doing everything they can to destroy it right now.

    1. The new people that Trump brought to the party are already gone. They were loyal to Trump not to the Republican Party. Then you have significant parts of the base whose hatred of the GOPe ruling class has been dialed up to 11. After decades of betrayal, this was the final straw. I don’t know whether they will go to some new 3rd party or just stay home but they are gone too. Then there are those who won’t bother with the hassle because the Democrats are just going to steal it anyway and those who perceive personal threats associated with voting. Yeah, the Republican Party is coming apart.

  7. Well, technically Cruz is not a natural born citizen, but apparently that doesn’t matter anymore as neither are Obama or Harris. Although I would expect the demonrats to make a big stink about this if Cruz gets any traction in 2024.

    You guys can vote harder for the republicans on 2022 and 2024, but I am done doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. They have shown their true colors over this election cycle and they have gone full Soviet over the last week. I do not believe voting is going to get us out of this mess. To borrow from Mr Crowder, change my mind.

  8. For the edification of Kim’s readers and for MurphyAZ’s enemies list, here’s the list of Republicans who voted for impeachment. No surprise that 7 of the 10 are from very blue states.
    Liz Cheney (WY)
    Anthony Gonzalez (OH)
    Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA)
    John Katko (NY)
    Adam Kinzinger (IL)
    Peter Meijer (MI)
    Dan Newhouse (WA)
    Tom Rice (SC)
    Fred Upton (MI)
    David Valadao (CA)

    These Republicans didn’t bother to vote and they’re on REALLY shaky ground with me.:
    Dan Crenshaw R-Texas
    Kay Granger R-Texas
    Greg Murphy R-N.C.
    Michelle Steel R-Calif.
    Daniel Webster R-Fla.

  9. I prefer Rand Paul to Cruz, myself. Although he’s been a supporter of President Trump, he hasn’t been obsequious about it and has opposed the president more than once. He’s smart as a whip and is less grating that Cruz is.

  10. Wrote this post a while ago and ‘lost it’ down one or more of Windows trap doors & trick knees !

    The America, or United States if you prefer, that I and I believe most of you grew up in, is GONE and there is not enough testicular fortitude left in this country to get it back. It’s OVER. The lights are being turned off in that shining city on a hill.

    This was proved on ‘election night’ when the ‘left’ ( Democrats for the most part ) over reached once again, as they frequently do, but instead of falling short again, as they usually do, they pulled it off !!

    Right in front of you and me and God and everyone else they did what had actually been whispered, if you listened – they, in my opinion, stole the Presidential election !!
    I suspect that most of the ballots that made this possible had been created FAR in advance but President Trump received so many votes that the ‘counting had to be stopped, inspectors barred from polling locations, windows covered so that more ballots could be created and ANY and ALL evidence of what was done is LONG GONE !!!
    Now, it no longer matters who the ‘Republicans’ ( if they even still exist in 4 years ) run in 2024.
    He or she will lose.
    Someone please explain to me just exactly why the left ( Democrats ) would NOT use the very same process again if they feel they might lose their grip on power.

    On top of that, I fear that we are going to get, very quickly ( because they are already HERE ), somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 MILLION new ‘Democrat for life’ voters !!!
    They now have the Executive branch, both houses give them the Legislative branch and with some, um, retirements, they’ll have the Judicial branch. Between those and owning the
    media ( AKA Pravda ), who’s going to stop them. and how ???

    This isn’t a stacked deck, it’s a no-win situation.

    If I’m right, and God knows I pray I’m wrong, the changes you are going to see over the next 4 years will be breath taking in their scope. Taxes reimposed, pallets of OUR money sent to
    God-knows-who or where to ‘stop’ climate change ( yeah, right – biggest scam in human history ), regulations on anything and everything, all for our own good of course and to help make us safe, just watch.

    You will never again believe in the honesty or trust the outcome of an election, ANY election, again as well you shouldn’t. Voter turnout, because it’s pointless NOW, will decrease to the point where someone will suggest elections be eliminated. You have been shown just how easily, quickly, effectively and without ANY repercussions, elections can be stolen and there’s NOTHING you can do about it.

  11. Anyone in for Cruz hasn’t been paying attention. Granted it he’s no John Cornyn or Beto but that ain’t gonna get him over my finish line. In fact ANYONE running as a Republican with out the endorsement of DJT not only won’t get my vote but I will vote for the dem. If you’re not tired of voting for the lesser of 2 evils, your wiring is fucked.

    If DJT isn’t in the endorsement business going forward and frankly I don’t see how he could resist, then the Republican Party can continue effing itself without me-yeah I’m talking to you Tom Cotton. And the Party is rife with these scum.

    My current rep in the House, Mark Crawford (AR-1) is solid enough but I want some one like Laura Loomer getting in the faces of these communists, without a bit of compromise in him. She lost BTW, the only candidate besides Trump I sent money to. I see I missed the young gal l In CO representing central CO but it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Like I said, if Crawford runs as an R without a specific endorsement from DJT, the the D gets the vote.

    How anyone can consider the Republican party a viable alternative not only after the decades long list of lies, back tracking and back stabbing but the election fraud they just allowed to transpire should have sealed their fate. It sure did for me. You want to be in the same party as the war monger and Trump hater Liz Cheney?? She is so far off the rails, it’s inconceivable we both are in one party. You think anything in that party will change when scum like McConnell and McCarthy are the norms? When we had majorities in both houses, we pissed it away. NOTHING WILL CHANGE when they read crap like, Oh Gee Ted is my choice.

    The sooner this all burns down, the better. You are not going to vote your way out of this.

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