Tragic Waste

It’s bad enough when the Chinkvirus causes a city to close its pubs a whole ten days before Christmas (thanks, Wuhan and the CCP!), but then there’s this:

Tomorrow’s closures will force pubs to pour five million pints down the drain. 

Laugh if you will, but that right there can be blamed on the Chinkvirus — well, also on the poxy BritGov who are acting like terrified kindergartners — but it’s all a bit much, really.

I need to call TrueBrit’s hubby to commiserate.  Not to mention this horrible news:



  1. Coming soon to a collective near you, now that the rancid cow & her drooling house boy will be calling the shots.

  2. Pennsylvania Governor Wolf (may he develop a terminal case of hemorrhoids) has banned all indoor dining from December 12 until January 4. You can still dine outdoors. In Pennsylvania. In DECEMBER. Apparently because there were a few non-chain bars/restaurants which hadn’t gone out of business, and were hoping the holidays would keep them afloat. This was announced the day after we made our New Year’s reservations. I live in a county which has suffered a whole TWELVE deaths from the Chinkflu since April, but if you’re not from Philly, Pittsburgh or Harrisburg the politicians don’t shive a git about you. More people have probably died from car-vs-deer this year.

    Since the ban ends on January 4 (at 8AM, and it’s a Saturday) I think I’ll see if I can organize a belated New Year’s celebration for that night. I wonder if I can find balloons shaped like upraised middle fingers? Drink special of the night could be Big Bad Wolf cocktails: 1 oz brandy, ½ oz orange juice, 1 egg yolk, ¼ oz grenadine.

    You know, my maternal Grandmother was from Mongolia, and I’m beginning to wish my ancestors had broken down that fucking wall and gone Carthage-of-the-East on China when they had the chance. Great Wall, Genghis Khan’s callused phallus.

    1. My thoughts are we should have put as much effort into supporting Chiang Kai-shek as we did in defeating Japan or at least Truman should have let MacArthur push the Chinese back to Peking.

  3. It might just be the Irish in me, but if I were a brewer faced with the prospect of dumping my hard work and tender love down the sewer, I believe I would open the doors to my breweries, warehouses and delivery trucks, and donate My Precious to whoever wanted to save it from the swirling drains.

    My heart weeps!

    1. Or distill it into something more….potent.

      Of course there are probably laws against such things, which means no one EVER does it.

  4. Ideally beer should be consumed within a very few weeks after brewing. I’ve heard three weeks bandied about.

    1. American beer contains preservatives, and has a shelf life of three months, tops, if properly stored. Less if it’s in a clear bottle.

  5. You’re a brewer and your profits are about to go down the drain, literally, or you can stand and make some life-long fans while becoming an Urban Legend of the First Order. One other up-side: the government won’t get any tax money for alcoholic product that isn’t actually sold.

    This could well become another log to stoke the fires of revolution while once again proving that bureaucrats are too smart by half.

    1. The nanny state probably outlawed bars and breweries giving away free beer. Government bureaucrats are a conniving and sneaky lot.


      1. Then find some charity to take it, and THEY can wonder what to do with it, until THEY give it away. They’re more likely to be in the giving-away business anyway.

  6. You are quite correct friend from over the pond, Mr Truebrit is devastated about the waste of London Pride (and I’m not talking Belsen either). He’s currently comforting himself with Wadworths 6X. He knows you’d want him to do that 😁

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