1. Jean-Honoré Fragonard, when contacted, snorted and muttered something inaudible, but offered no further comment.

  2. As her ‘Beach-Body’ coach cheered her on, Hilde catapulted off the parasail for a perfect one-point ‘dead-stick’ landing!

  3. Poorly hiding their shame and guilt at their failed attempts at membership with the ‘In-Crowd’, neither woman could conceal their utter lack of tattoos, piercings, and other ‘body-art’!

  4. Although many viewers might focus on her lovely hair and perfect teeth or the quite-spankable tuchis of her gravity-defying companion, a certain element of society immediately gazes longingly upon their magnificent tootsies!
    Rule 34 — if it exists, porn is made of it.

  5. Anyone who can do a standing back flip has my respect. It looks like she may make it. She’s already about three quarters of the way around and still fairly high. She may need to adjust her bathing suit after she lands.

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