Milestone Election

I read Roger Kimball’s A Momentous Election, and not for the first time I was struck by the thought in his conclusion:

The prospect of that malign dispensation is why I believe the 2020 election is the most momentous of my life.

The expression “this is the most important election” (or similar) has become so common it risks losing its meaning.

But it shouldn’t.  Several elections — most especially in recent times — have qualified for the title, such as Trump’s near-massacre of Hillary Bitch Clinton’s latest attempt to become Nanny-In-Chief in 2016.  That election was hugely important, because had Her Filthiness won, the country would have continued along the slide down to perdition started by Obama’s destructive social- and foreign policies.  Trump’s victory in 2016 at least delayed that process, and in places halted it altogether (and reversed it in lamentably few).

But that was when the socialist welfare- and malignant state was still a work in progress, and to many people (such as NeverTrumpers), the dark purposes of such policies were not as apparent as they are now.  Hillary Clinton, for example, may have been on the side of the anti-gun faction;  but she certainly did not threaten to send police around to confiscate guns.  (That’s not to say she wouldn’t have, at some point;  but at least she didn’t come right out and say she would, as Joe Biden has certainly done since, in saying he would appoint arch-antigunner Beto O’Rourke as his firearms commissar.)

Now, however, the Radical Left (a.k.a. Communists) have not only taken over the Democrat Party, but made no attempt to hide that fact from us — and the proof thereof is that after winning the Democrat Party primary, Biden and Harris have made no attempt — in the slightest — to back away from their more radical primary proposals and tack back to the center, as both parties have had to do in the past.  And the implications of that takeover, in terms of this coming election, have made voting choice about as simple as it’s possible to do so:  on the one hand, a return to a more conservative — more originally-American — ideal in voting for Trump, and on the other, a handing over of power to a movement that will set about undermining everything — every institution and every Constitutional freedom — that has made this country the envy of the world.

By the way, I have no time — absolutely none — for those people who absolutely hate the Left but can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump and are going to chuck their vote away on the Raving Loony Party / Libertarians [some overlap]  or write in some cutesy choice like Mickey Mouse.  That’s really dangerous this time, because every vote that’s not for Trump will reduce his voting support, and once again we’ll have to put up with the tiresome chants of the Left calling for a “popular democracy” to replace our Electoral College.

To refresh our memories, G.W. Bush absolutely trounced John Fuckface Kerry in 2004 in the popular vote, largely because of Fuckface himself as well as because we were still fighting a full-blooded war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now, thanks to Trump, we aren’t fighting a war in Iraq and are in the process of ending the stupid adventure in Afghanistan;  but the overseas wars have been replaced by a domestic war — and believe me, it’s very much a war, ask anyone who lives in Seattle or Portland — between two political philosophies that are not only mutually incompatible but mutually destructive.  There are no compromises between the Communists and the Conservatives.  Not any more.

Every conservative voter, of whatever stripe, needs to forget all their misgivings about Trump because now more than ever, a vote that isn’t a Trump vote is very definitely an enabling vote for Communism, at best, no matter how you try to justify it.  Forget that “protest” vote bullshit — it was bullshit in 2016, and it’s bullshittier in 2020.  The stakes are just too damn high, this time.

This is especially true when it comes to conservative voters in places like New York, California, Illinois and New Jersey.  Yes, your vote may not achieve anything in your state — but in the big picture, your vote is critically important in helping to take away one of the Communists’ most strident talking points — and yes, it could make the difference if they try to win the vote by fraud.

And I’m not even going to talk about how important it is for us to take back the U.S. House and increase our majority in the Senate.  Unless, of course, you want to flirt with the idea of Speaker Nancy Pelosi hooking up with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and sending their anti-Constitutional Communist bills to President Kamala Harris (forget Biden;  he’ll be pushed out within 96 hours of his inauguration) for her rubber-stamp signature.  (Here’s a slam-dunk prophecy:  if the Communists control the House, Senate and White House, there will not be a single presidential veto of any legislation during the next four years.  Not one.)

Do we really want to live under those circumstances?  I’ll spell it out:  if the Communists take over, say goodbye to your gun rights, your freedom of speech,  your children’s school curricula, your history, the Supreme Court, and (eventually) your vote, to name but some that they have targeted.  The United States of America will become no different from the average Third World nation, and misery, not the pursuit of happiness will become our currency.

And that is why this 2020 election is the most important one we’ll ever face — until the next one, if we get to have it.  There is no magic wand.  There is just a long, grinding and quite possibly an unending struggle.

There is a great saying that says (from memory), “Civilization will flourish as long as old men plant the trees whose shade they’ll never see.”  Well, I’m an old man;  and I’m going to plant as many trees as I possibly can because our republic deserves it.


  1. “…and to many people (such as NeverTrumpers), the dark purposes of such policies were not as apparent….”

    Oh, I know the old Biblical admonition of putting the best face on someone’s statements, but I think it’s long past time to call these NTs out. They aren’t horrified by President Trump’s tone, or his boorishness, or his tweeting (Gads, I hate using that term), but by the fact that he is implementing the very policies that they have loudly claimed are the policies they would have implemented if only they had the House, Senate, White House – yet never did. Because they don’t hold to those values. They are play actors, playing the part of conservatives, the willing dupes of the slavemasters of the Leftists. No real conservative leader would ever endorse a Democrat, or demand you vote their way, especially someone as patently and publicly corrupt as the Evil One in 2016, and the demented pervert this year. No, they’re in on it with the Left, they’re grifters, they’re just as perverted, they’re just as evil as the open opponents of liberty. We can only hope President Trump washes them away, and really hope the next Republican candidate is as Trump as Trump.

  2. A know a couple of otherwise-Conservative people who say they’re voting for Biden. Trump isn’t a nice person you see, he’s crass, rude, and nasty. Plus he’s a gajillionaire (I get in trouble when I point out that I’d rather have a President who because a billionaire before he was elected, than one who became a millionaire while spending his entire life in elected office). Biden CARES about people you see (nice having the whole US media as your PR firm).

    Look at the last candidates that the RNC foisted on us, or tried to: Jeb Bush (please, not another Bush!), Romney (yeah, let’s run the guy who lost the primary to the guy who lost to the incumbent), McCain (I’ll sign anything the Democrats send me, er, I’ll reach across the aisle), Bush Jr (compassionate Conservative my aching ass), Dole (he’s gonna lose anyway), Bush the Elder (No New Taxes, unless of course Congress passes them then I’ll sign off on them).

    Trump derailed that, earning him the hatred of both parties.

    For the first time in my life I live in a state that’s in-play. Driving around my area, I see lots more Trump signs than Biden. Philly and Pittsburg will go Biden, maybe Scranton. The really funny thing is the commercials blaming Trump for the economic downturn, caused by the Chinkflu and the lockdowns mandated by our Democrat Governor. Biden will of course rebuild the economy while simultaneously instituting a nation-wide lockdown to defeat the Kung Flu.

    Polls aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. I for one have refused to answer any that have called. Yeah, on the one hand Lefties have been threatening to burn down the homes of Trump supporters, but I’m going to tell some Rando who calls me on the phone who I’m voting for.

  3. ” Trump isn’t a nice person you see, he’s crass, rude, and nasty.”

    Yep. Can’t wait to meet your wife, Mark. I’ll totally try to fuck her. Then I’ll brag about it. In return I’d expect you to feed me my front teeth. And maybe my testicles. But how dare anyone hold Dear Leader to any kind of standard. He’s not (currently) cheating on his wife or (as far as we know) spewing semen on dresses in the oval. If he does go down that road, there’s no question his supporters will circle the wagons just as Slick Willie’s did back in the day. Trump sycophants are identical to Clinton groupies.

    That having been said, I was an unrepentant never Trumper 4 years ago, and will never apologize to anyone – certainly not the rancid GOP for rejecting the liar & bully they gave us. This time around I’ll be holding my nose and voting for the most reprehensible steaming pile of dogshit to contaminate the White House since Der Schlickmeister.

    And for the record: “…otherwise-Conservative people who say they’re voting for Biden” are categorically NOT conservative. There will be no shortage of genuinely conservative 3rd party alternatives on the ballot if they want to make a conservative statement of principle, as I did in 2016. They’re not conservatives; they’re cowards.

    1. One quibble, the GOP most certainly didn’t hand Trump to the voters, the actual Primary voters did so. The GOP/RNC was pushing for Jeb Bush, Rubio or Cruz. Trump appealed to voters mostly because he promised to do two things: cut illegal immigration, and drain the swamp. Despite the best efforts of politicians on BOTH sides (i.e. the Swamp) he’s done more to cut the flow of illegals than any President I can recall.

      I touch on this point above, the Clinton (both of them), Obama, Biden etc are at LEAST much scumbags and Trump is reputed to be, but they have the Media carrying their jockstraps and hiding those issues. The Clintons and Obamas were shitty to their Secret Service, Sniffy Joe liked to swim naked in front of his female agents, etc. Yeah, treat the people expected to take a slug for you like shit, good plan. Contrast that with Trump picking up the Marine’s hat after it got blown off. We won’t even get into Epstein, or Hunter.

      I’m not a Trump sycophant, but I find myself in rather the position of Lincoln when people complained about Grant’s intemperance, when he replied “I can’t spare this man, he FIGHTS”.

      1. This is the big blank spot in Never Trumpers’ vision.

        They bitch on and on and ON about being stuck with Trump, and my response is:

        What in God’s name did you THINK would happen, you morons? Look at what the RNC — and that’s who the NTs should be enraged with, not Trump — tried to pawn off on the electorate: Jeb ‘Please Clap’ Bush!

        Did I want Ted Cruz to win? Yes. But the RNC deliberately was throwing their support to Jeb! and Marco ‘Marco Romo’ Rubio. Why? Who knows. Brain damage, I guess. And it left a clear path for Trump, who actually had a pretty coherent message (if simple).

        Personally, I think a lot of these NTs are pissed because they saw the prospect of a gravy train ending. I’d just as soon beat Bill Kristol with a tire iron as look at him, considering the piece of crap tried to derail the election with Egg McMuffin– er, Evan McMillan. Screw them.

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