1. Mr. O’Sullivan is a MACHINE!
    He is another example of watching people who are so good at what they do, with such apparent ease, that you can’t help but to smile and cheer.
    Note his competitors reaction to her loss. 🙂

  2. Watching a master at work is always inspiring, no matter what the task.
    In the case of billiards, I haven’t been this impressed since watching Willie Mosconi a half-century or more ago.

  3. I don’t know the game Snooker, and I have never played Billiards, but I have shot Pool, and this guy is a whiz.

    1. The leaves are more demanding than the actual shots – they allow the game to flow from one ball to the next.

  4. That was surprisingly enjoyable, considering I don’t follow the game—watched the entire thing. Wow! Just wow! Ditto the comment above about his leaves. And the way he cut the ball on point 113 was remarkable. It was, perhaps, the only challenging leave he needed to deal with in the whole string. Simply wonderful.!

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