News Roundup

News snippets for them what couldn’t be bothered with the full catastrophe.

we know, Ted;  but thank you for the reminder.

and it looks like whole bunch of other people have figured it out, too.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Ordinarily I’d be getting upset, but seeing as it’s Califuckingfornia, the ballots are probably a) Democrat and/or b) fraudulent.

that’s because your criminal mother did her best to overturn his lawful election, so small wonder.

wait a minute:  now the Salvation Army is doing an Epstein on people?  Here, folks, is where we see the effects of illiteracy on headline writers.  And speaking of which:

what was the middle bit, again?

nice to know that I’m in the minority (as usual).

from two brats to seven in the space of a single hospital visit.  I’m going to have nightmares for a week.

hell, I can do this:  1) don’t call the Pope a Commie asshole (even though he is);  2) don’t spit in the chalice after getting Communion;  and 3) indict the Southern Poverty Law Center for a hate crime because they called the Knights Of Columbus a “hate group”.  Easy-peasy.

...looks like BA retired its 747s a little prematurely, there.

when people like this are murdered, the police usually have more suspects than they can handle.

But here’s a bride we can all get behind, so to speak:

Nice dimples.


  1. Ted talks: they’re coming for your guns. Later in the same dissertation, Mr. Nugent also noted that water is wet.

  2. In CA, they have that jungle primary so in many cases there are two Democrats on the ballot. So your case of the ballot fire is simple. They are committing fraud on themselves in some down-ballot race. They can’t help themselves.

  3. About that bride photo. Am I the only one?

    I’m sorry, but I do not see any attractiveness in a woman whose breasts are way out of proportion to the rest of her otherwise lovely figure.

    How does that poor girl carry those jugs around without constant back trouble. And then, when she gets older, how is she going to walk without tripping over them? If she rolls over on you in the bridal bed, you are likely to suffocate before you can get free. (…I know, a lot of you are thinking: “What a way to go!”)

  4. re:
    ‘decades of abuse at Salvation Army safe’

    I always suspected as much.
    Those darn safes!


    ‘bride-to-be cannot afford wedding gifts’

    Dearie, I do not mean to cast doubt upon your proposed eternal union, but if you cannot afford our gifts, are you sure your father can afford your dowry to your beloved’s father?

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