1. The biker got what he deserved for running over all those bunnies. Another successful manhunt concluded by Scotland yard.

  1. I was surprised at how many bunnies get run over in Scotland, the roads seemed at times to be a grayish carpet. Do they use shotguns and dogs on the hunt?

    1. Mostly dogs and .22s. Or they “lamp” with no dogs. During my stay at Free Market Towers, I probably saw a dozen rabbits a day scampering around the grounds.

      1. I’m not surprised you saw so many rabbits every day there. So long as the habitat remains undisturbed it is very hard to hunt any animal to extinction. Remove the grass, and the grass-eaters die.
        Those are enormous jackrabbits, or they are, compared to the ones we have in the industrial parks here.

  2. The picture of the catch and bycatch reminded me of “Wallace & Grommet in The Curse of the Wererabbit”.

  3. We assume that the larger vermin on the lower right is their local version of antifa.
    A proper and fitting means of dealing with that type of vermin.

  4. I should note that is obviously a British Cyclist, which, as I understand the hunting laws over there, are perfectly legal to take in any season. This is much like Texas rabbits ( i.e. jackalopes in the common vernacular). At least that’s the way it used to be when I was young and ran wild in Hamilton area.

    Having said that, as far as social distancing goes, this afternoon I went mountain biking in George Washington National Forest and for two and a half hours and 14 miles I did not see a single soul. Not bad for being a scant 70 miles from the White House.

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