Just when you thought that the Stout Bulldog Spirit had left Britishland forever, comes this little tale (from back in 2018, as it happens):

Married at First Sight star David Pugh single-handedly fought off a gang of five machete-wielding robbers using his martial arts skills after they broke into his home.
The thugs burst into the 56-year-old’s home, demanding cash and attacking Pugh’s teenage son and a 20-week-old puppy.
The reality star was left covered in blood after courageously fighting off the masked men – who were armed with baseball bats and golf clubs as well as machetes – with his bare hands.

And the picture is not a good one:

While his great big brass balls are not pictured, I think we can all give him a round of applause.

But I know that all of you are thinking that had Mr. Pugh been allowed the use of, say, a Colt 1911 or similar, it would have been a far better outcome for all concerned (except for the choirboys, of course) in that the blood splatter would have belonged to the goblins rather than to Our Hero.

And we could have inducted him into the Dept. of Righteous Shootings — International Division, rather than just applauding his outstanding bravery.

But this is Britishland, where he would have been more likely to face arrest for causing a public nuisance or bleeding without the proper permit.

[10,000 words of angry invective deleted]


  1. Yep. Look up badass in Webster’s & you’ll see Mr. Pugh staring you down. As an aside: just how did the Brits allow pussification to become institutionalized? My favorite (read: infuriating) example has to be at least 20 years old – a dude fended of a home invasion with a decorative sword he had mounted on his wall. He was charged and jailed, as I recall, for “being a menace to burglars.”

    Coming soon to a jurisdiction near you, should Biden/Harris take the day.

    1. I remember reading something similar in the late seventies. In NYFC, as a matter of fact. Something about the homeowner, having been awakened out of a dead sleep at o’dark thirty, used excessive force in subduing the burglar, so said burglar sued for excessive use of force. I have no information about whether the burglar prevailed, was awarded $1.00, or was laughed out of that court and into the criminal courts building.

    2. “My favorite (read: infuriating) example has to be at least 20 years old ”

      Tony Martin, who was put in jail for shooting a repeat offender burglar. Everything about that case, including being denied parole because he might believe he was right to shoot the burglars, and the person he didn’t kill being funded by the government to sue him for loss of income, will give you a RCOB.

  2. And now that guns & knives & screwdrivers have been criminalized over there, one wonders if boxing & martial arts aren’t too far behind.

    1. My thought exactly. After all, what’s the difference between a bar fight at 2am between two drunks at a bar and a home invasion at 2 am between a ruthless yob and a groggy householder abruptly woken? They have to keep the subjects from killing one another, and since they know where the homeowner lives, and he pays taxes, he’s the money source. The thug burglar, not so much. Better to use him as a means to keep the homeowner scared and willing to pay for protection.

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