Speed Bump #768

If The Federalist  didn’t exist, where else would I get my daily dose of grammatical irritation?

Here’s today’s offering:

Democrats’ abolishment of the filibuster is one reason the GOP-controlled Senate under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been able to confirm so many federal judges.

The word is “abolition”, and spoils what was otherwise an excellent take on the current political situation.  Even the barely-literate Microsoft spell-checking routine flagged that one, which makes me wonder what software the Federalist  writers actually use publish their articles (absent, it seems, any kind of editorial review).

Probably NotePad, come to think of it.  Then they don’t have to bother with all those messy issues of typesetting, spelling and grammar.


  1. According the a website claiming to be the Oxford English Dictionary (*shrug*) Abolishment is a word. Perhaps because Abolition is so strongly associated with a specific Historical Cause? Anyway, while I would be hard put to explain the difference, to my ‘ear’ “abolishment” has an active tone, whereas “abolition” is past tense of some sort(?) as in the Demo-Rats didn’t simply allow the Filibuster to lapse, they ambushed it in a dark alleyway and beat it to death.

    (And are now outraged that it doesn’t protect them. Typical)

    Maybe that’s just me.

  2. Since we’ve unlatched the Grammar Gate, I note this:
    “…which makes me wonder what software the Federalist writers actually use publish their articles…”; aren’t we missing something between “use” and “publish”?

  3. It’s not just the Federalist. I’ve noticed the poor vocabulary and poor grammar at places like PJmedia and the Daily Wire. There seems to be a new generation of semi-literates populating the alternative media. Even the smartest young writers sometimes can’t write clearly, even when they do get the spelling and grammar right.

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