Lying Bastards

We all know that politicians lie like, well, Democrats;  so it should come as no surprise to anyone that wannabe-POTUS Joe Hidin’ is talking bullshit again, albeit through surrogates:

Attempts to conceal and lie about Biden and Harris’s gun control positions are a tacit admission that the public does not want the gun control these candidates pursue. If such measures have the popularity their backers often pretend they do, there would be no need to obscure their goals. Rather, gun control advocates and politicians understand that they cannot succeed if they are forthright with the electorate about their extreme positions.

We all know that Biden, Harris and all the other assholes blabbed their loathing for guns during their party’s primary elections, and tried to outdo each other when boasting about how much they were going to fuck over gun owners, take away their AR-15s and so on.

I know that after the primaries, which exist to rally the faithful, candidates usually “tack to the center” for the general elections.  Unfortunately (for these pricks), we all know what they have planned for us:  California- and Australia- style laws and regulations designed to make gun ownership difficult and cumbersome, and (probably) gun registration and -confiscation.   Are they promising all that?  No, of course not:  it’s all driven by “need”,

Simple replay to all this mendacity:  fuck off, Sparky.  No amount of reassurance from Biden and Harris are going to pull the wool over our eyes, so they might as well give it all up and run on the Gun Control & Confiscation ticket.

They’re going to get crushed whatever they do.


  1. In other news, water is wet, fire is hot and Harris is a slut.

    Given the number of gun owners in the US, if we were one tenth as violent as we’re portrayed there really WOULD be blood running in the streets.

    1. Ohhh that is a bad, BAD cartridge at 400-500 yards on living creatures, about the same as a 6.5x55mm Swede. I know this because someone told me.

      [exit, whistling an innocent tune]

      1. That’s what the gun grabber’s don’t realize. There are plenty of guns in ‘sporting’ calibers that like in the old AT&T ads, can “Reach out and touch someone”.

  2. Good thing they are not going after CMP M1 Garands. The AR-15 in 5.56 was designed to wound, not kill. The logic was one wounded guy and two guys to get him off the battlefield. That would eliminate 3 opponents. The M1 Garand philosophy was if you could get two enemies to line up you could kill two with one shot.

    The SKS was awesome. It was fairly accurate and in stock configuration very dependable.

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