1. I was going add that they probably don’t realize they are speaking to people who have stockpiled thousands of rounds of ammo, but then I remembered all that ammo purchased during the Obama administration is still out there largely unaccounted for.

    Going to be interesting

  2. Aaron Danielson, Laura Ashley Anderson, Charles Nicholas Wall, Cannon Hinnant.

    Those are the ones I could easily pull off the main Fox News page as a direct result of BLM/Antifa.

  3. Thirteen percent.

    They cannot honestly believe their lies.

    And the ‘your skin is your uniform’ crowd mis-understand negro people.
    One-hundred percent, each and every one, of negro people are eager to hunt ‘niggers’.
    My neighbors include a Southern Methodist Church, and these fine folks are itchin’ to eliminate the ‘problems’.
    Negro people hate ‘niggers’.

    1. As a black coworker of my brother said to a black shoplifter once, within my brother’s hearing,
      “It’s Ni**ers like you that give black people a bad name.”
      When I competed in High Power, I squadded with a man from Georgia who explained the origin, derivation, and proper usage of “Whigger”. I think that is a distinction we can do without, but the people he referred to as Whiggers would never understand using the original term on them.

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