Monday Funnies

Okay, this “new week, new challenges” nonsense is getting out of hand, and crap like this doesn’t help:

Given infinite time, any task can be completed.  Quite clearly, the stupid Danish tart never had a scumbag boss telling her that it had to be done by five or she’d lose her job.

But let’s get on with Teh Funneez:

And finally:

So just to add a little non-narcotic anti-depression:


  1. Biden’s nowhere near fucked. According to Messrs Ladbrokes – bookies are by far the most accurate predictors for obvious reasons – he’s the favourite.

    I would much prefer a contest between Nikki Haley and Pete Buttigieg.

    1. Hillary was also odds-on at this time in 2016 — as I recall, 12-1. It stayed in double digits until 2 months before the election.

  2. Can somebody please explain the ‘Russian roulette’ image?

    Oh, and I’ll be marketing the paper-towels dispenser stickers.
    Get your order in early!

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