1. Been 2 years since we seen ours, probably be another before we see them again.

  2. Mine are both home for the summer and my father is coming for a cookout today.
    If yours don’t visit I hope they call at the very least.

  3. Always, always, always remember your dad. Visit, call. send funny card, even write him a letter (if anybody knows how to do that anymore) because the time will come when you can’t do any of that.

    I lost my father twenty five years ago and I still miss him. We didn’t agree on a lot of things but I learned about faith, responsibility, hard work, and facing the worst things of life with humor from him. A few years back I started the custom of writing a letter to him every fathers day and then taking it outside and burning it. I feel that the smoke carries my love and appreciation for all he did to dad.

    When I began my letter ritual my son, who has more than his share of challenges in his life, brought a home made card to me. He wrote that he loved me and thanked me for what I’d done for him. Some of the words weren’t spelled right, but that was okay. He said that he wanted me to know how he felt now and not wait until he couldn’t tell me in person.

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