1. Combine the two, add chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, coffee, and bourbon.

    Clear your schedule for the rest of the day while you deal with the food coma.

  2. Kim,
    I know that your post suggests one, but why not both?
    American on Saturday
    Heritage on Sunday
    By the way, in your pic of the English, are those duck eggs? The yolks look wonderfully orange rather than the typical yellow of chicken eggs. For my taste buds, I’d pass on the grilled tomatoes, but could swap in some mushrooms cooked in butter with marsala wine and some fresh herbs.
    Whatever you select, enjoy.

    1. Brad, have you tried getting your eggs directly from a free-range farm, pasture raised?

      Chicken eggs, it turns out, aren’t sickly yellow by default. If hens are allowed to eat real food, bugs, worms, plus their feed, they produce a completely different product.

      Also much more expensive, but that’s life.

      1. @lpdbw .. thanks for the tip on free-range, pasture raised eggs. Quality costs, generally, and some things are worth the price. I’ll have to look for a place not too far from me (Lake County, IL). ** steps aside, gets coffee, returns **

        I found this place … which is VERY close by. His eggs are about $7 a dozen, but I might have to try ’em, just because.

    1. That was what my sons did as teenagers in the mornings in the U.K.
      “First breakfast” (at 7am) was porridge, toast and tea; “second breakfast” (at about 10) was a Full English.
      Did I mention that they were teenagers?

      1. Two things define teenagers, especially boys:

        Skin stretched around an appetite

        Support system for a set of gonads

  3. Oh, come now. It isn’t a question of heritage vs Patriotism. It’s a question of, which do you prefer? Or would you like something else entirely? Hell, have a breakfast of Lutefisk and dim sum if you want!


    1. There are no other options when it comes to brekkie. And I’ll have you know that “lutefisk” is a banned word on this website, ever since the Great Northern Minnesota Regurgitation Episode Of 1992.

    2. ‘Zactly! In ‘Murica, especially in the Tejas Nation, you should do as you please.

      However, beans for breakfast? That’d tune me up early and make enforcing the 6 foot rule ever so much easier.

  4. The English Breakfast is what really makes the Bed and Breakfast plan so wonderful while traveling in England. I haven’t been there for a while, but that was an excellent and memorable start to the day. Staying in people’s homes and chatting with them, and fellow travelers if the B&B had more than one bedroom, was a great way to see the country. It was very inexpensive as I recall as well.

  5. Can I suggest an alternative: Eggs Aberdeen (my own invention)? It’s based on Eggs Benedict:

    Take a cooked slice of haggis. Cover with two rashers of British back bacon. Poached egg on top. Dress with plenty of Hollandaise sauce.

    1. As for haggis, see “lutefisk” above, for more or less the same reasons, except there was no barmaid involved.

  6. It has been years and years since I was in England staying in a decent Bed and Breakfast called the Harley House somewhere close to Hyde Park. We did not have a lot of money so we would eat as much breakfast as we could get down, as I remember it was in the basement and kind of help yourself and then we would get a snack midday and in the evening we found that Chinese restaurants and fish and chip places were inexpensive with good portions. Beer was a decent price compared to wine and hard alcohol for folks watching pennies and I loved the old time money system with big copper pennies some so old they had Victoria on them, 240 of pence to the pound because there were 12 pence to the shilling and 20 shillings to the pound and that seemed to be an excellent monetary system whilst enjoying all the great old stuff in London, the “Off with their heads” Tower, museums, palaces and guardsmen changing, some on horseback with drums and fifes and while we were watching coming from a different direction some Scots wearing kilts with bagpipes having a good time entertaining the tourists like us.

    Now I am old and eat two slices of bacon and two eggs with no carbs every morning and that works for me but to be young and eating a full breakfast until I was stuffed and then spending the day in London would be ever so nice.

  7. Hahahaha! Could have closed comments after the first from MurphyAZ! lol Nailed it!

    Could add a cigar afterwards for ‘desert’. Don’t actually know if you do cigars, but I’d finish with a bourbon and cigar and a nice nap afterwards. I like the way you think, MurphyAZ!

  8. Ah yes, what we call ‘Sunday morning after walk’ fare (two of everything there plus mushrooms) at The Gorge greasy spoon. Having walked around six and a half miles, viewing the posh properties along The Warren, skirted past Mapledurham House, two golf courses and admired the English woodlands, we used to stuff ourselves silly for a tenner.

    Those were the days.

    Curse you chinkvirus!!

  9. Flip a coin and have one for Breakfast, one for Dinner; and something (more) “healthful” for lunch.

  10. To all above: REALITY CHECK

    While in my dreams my meals exceed the picture of the Ghost of Christmas Present, sitting atop a huge pile of all the finest food available, in Reality, my breakfast consists of a bowl of Cheerios with 2% milk, and two cups of coffee.


  11. FRUIT? Are you tryin’ ta KILL me?

    To Kim^
    RE: eating the Cardiologist’s office furniture: you haven’t seen his waiting room. I’d rather eat cold oatmeal.

    To JCinPA^
    Used to love a good Dominican pretty much any time, day or night, especially with good dark liquor. Then, Cardiologist. I maybe could smoke his office furniture.


  12. English. It’s a celebration. Have a Guinness with it.

    And you’re right about the eggs. I realized that on my first trip to England. “Hey….how come they have better eggs?!”

    Where I live they allow chickens in the city. I’d love to get some.

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