News Roundup

Pithy, like a golden shower*.  Now to the not-news:

gotta say, if I’m ever called for an in-home video interview, the background will be Wall-O’-Rifles, you betcha.

which lasted about 45 seconds… 

yeah great, like the awards show wasn’t long enough or boring enough;  now we’ll have to sit through the awards for Best Woke Documentary By A Tranny Director.  I say “we”, although I’m unlikely ever to watch the stupid Academy Awards show unless they institute hanging for the losers.

ya thank?

errrr Black people don’t care about Black lives that much (e.g. Chicago and Baltimore murder statistics), so why should we?

although that was back when the Grauniad was still called the “Manchester Guardian” and was located in the middle of about a hundred cotton mills.

yeah, that’ll help the spectators pick out one darkie / disaffected Eurotrash footballer from another during a match played in an empty stadium.

this, after National Guardsmen found pieces of glass in their pizza at a Washington D.C. restaurant  Repeat after me:  “Hanging is too good for some.”

And finally, some good news:

Rand Paul Proposes Legislation
To Outlaw No-Knock Warrants
and about damn time, too.  Next, let’s add the death penalty for when cops shoot some innocent guy while storming the wrong address.

*Faked y’all out,didn’t I?



    1. LOL I should repost the Danae piece from the old website — or rather, rewrite it as all the old posts have gone bye-bye.

  1. What I want to know is the statement that “All Black Lives Matter” as racist as the ultimately inclusive phrase “All Lives Matter”? I understand that the latter phrase is racist for some reason the BLM are unable to explain in any spoken language known to man (and woman), but if “All Black Lives Matter” is similarly not to be uttered, doesn’t that mean that not all black lives matter, which explains the Omerta over the genocidal level of black on black murder in the large inner cities run by Democrats?

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