1. Well let me be the first….
    “Two is one and one is none” It’s always good to have a spare.

  2. Happy Birthday to You ! Open the closet, I got you a surprise to celebrate your Birthday.

  3. ” I’m cool with the two of us sharing her, but you should have discussed it with me first.”

  4. Oh fer Pete’s sake, Abigail, you know I prefer them with some meat on the bones.

    1. Those lying sacks of crap had me waiting my entire sophomore summer for a VW van full of cheerleaders to break down in front of our house.

  5. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2020). 100 years makes quite the difference.

  6. As the clock ticks toward midnight in this playful ‘send-up’ of the ‘white after Labor Day’ rule, Esmeralda retires Brittany and welcomes Tiffany ‘into the fold’!

  7. Fortunately, Esmeralda won’t need to miss any ‘male action’ in her all-female play-time… after she up-dated her chandelier with convenient ‘phallic’ bulb-holders!

  8. Esmeralda — seen here in her ‘dapper’ cos-play — designed the upper-wall wainscoting at twice-the-normal height ceiling after an extraordinary experience with recreational mushrooms!

  9. After Esmeralda collected the ‘after Labor Day’ trench from Tiffany, she patiently waited for the rest of the timely ensemble…

  10. In this advertisement by famed furniture seller Laz-E-Boy, they introduce their new eight-person armoire. According to company spokes-models, the fixture will be offered to homemakers unexpectedly hearing their spouses coming home at an ‘inopportune’ time!

  11. In this extraordinary demonstration of the photag’s rightful place among those claiming the lofty title of ‘artiste’, the chandelier is carefully-placed to reflect the warm glow emanating from Tiffany’s delightful ‘thigh’ region.

    Michelangelo, eat your heart out!

  12. The moment right before Joe discovers the pair’s birth names are Frank and Richard.

  13. “I’d like to talk to you about an extended warranty on your new appliances.”

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