News Roundup

News commentary, as written by Hemingway.  Links in the pics.

From Britishland:

…yeah, welcome to OUR Deep State world, Bubba.

as all Amazon and Wal-Mart customers know, Chinese quality control is legendary.  And speaking of which:

ordinarily I’d be worried, except that none of them will work.  Also, we need things to shoot at while we’re cooped up in our houses(Pro tip: 00 buckshot)

(unspoken:) Give Us More Money.  However, if you look at the map, the famine would likely have struck even without the Chinkvirus.  In other words:  carry on, nothing to see here.

…they’re all gonna die.  When Gummint is optimistic, it’s time to head for the bunkers.

52-year-old single mother of four (all by different fathers) needs sex.  Quite a prospect.

all well and good, except it’s almost impossible to monitor abusive behavior during a lockdown.  But hey, let’s throw money at it:  that always works.  Stupid Seffrican tart.

looks like I may have to be cooped up for a while yet.  Shit.

And finally:

I report, you decide:


  1. The Chinks probably sent the Spanish the exact same batch of tests they’d rejected and sent back in the first place, thinking they’d not notice…

  2. Someone told me a few years back that the Chinese were famous for gradually letting the quality slip, hoping the buyer doesn’t notice, and they had to be kept firmly in line to prevent this.

    And don’t tell me Ulrika still believes that bar pickup line about the hymen growing back and having to go through that whole virgin thing again if she goes without sex for (you pick number) months.

    1. You’re exactly right about the quality slide…….I worked for a small manufacturer that had a production facility in Southern China that supplemented our USA production, and our own subsidiary would do that to us.

    2. Absolute truth about the quality. They’ll cut corners as soon as they think you’re no longer checking.

  3. She’s right – the topless pics don’t make her a porn star. It’s the six-inch stiletto heels that do that.

  4. Re: Rhian Sugden. Nothing slutty here. It’s not porn until the bottoms come off, but the heels are a nice touch.

  5. Now what are you doing reading the Currant Bun?
    That’s for us peasants.
    I thought you were a Daily Mail man?
    (it’s generally known as the Daily Hate!)

    1. I’m a man of wide-ranging interests. Also, the DM has too many fucking ads and popups.
      And the Sun and Mail seem to employ the same reporters / use the same wire services.

      1. I believe the apocryphal remark was “Get me a copy of the Sun, Oh! and something to read as well!”

  6. Don’t think I have anything to fear from Chinese made drones here in the outback of NV, but I wouldn’t put it past our Gov for trying to borrow something from Creech AFB.
    However, for the ChiCom stuff, have added a wonderful tool to the arsenal:
    HusanArms (Turkey) MKA 1923, 12g, gas-operated shotgun patterned after a Tavor, with rail-mounted adjustable sights and 10-rd detachable box mags loaded with “00”. For a bull-pup it has a remarkable 19″ bbl, and comes with replaceable choke tubes.

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