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OMG and WTF?

…because you can’t be trusted to control your throttle, peasants.  (see yesterday’s rant about Porsche;  add Volvo to list of Cars I’m Never Going To Buy)

well, considering that the Coronavirus originated in a ChiCom bioweapons lab anyway, the primitive fuckers may as well go back to eating lizard testicles, bat ears and tiger hearts.

no;  genocide is creating a toxic virus in a bio-weapons lab, then allowing it to escape and spread around the world, you bat-eating motherfuckers.

and my efforts to import some of those stoney Krauts to California continue apace.

in the reign of Emperor Kim, morons like this will face summary execution because they’re just wasting oxygen.  They’ll be standing in the execution line right after people who drive slowly in the fast lane, unlicensed Mexican drivers and Piers Morgan.

I have only one thing to say:

oh wait;  Brits aren’t “allowed” to own that much ammo because their politicians have a “Volvo” mindset.  Oh well.  Bye bye, red squirrels.

which means that the hapless Brits are now paying only three times as much as they should.

yet another import market for stone-throwing, iron bar-wielding Germans.

and no doubt some British, Australian and California police are looking on enviously.

finally, some good news.  Although my instinct is to encourage these filthy hippies to congregate in massive numbers — for the good of the planet.


  1. Why would I buy a Volvo with (expensive) technology to keep my speed down when I could just buy a car that naturally won’t go faster than 110 MPH? My Hyundai Accent accomplishes this without any fancy nanny-tech.

  2. Re: Volvo

    Right. Umm, no. While stationed in (the former) West Germany, I got stuck a few times driving one of these–

    –on the Autobahn. It had a governor installed between the carb and the intake manifold. Pretty much a motorized buckboard wagon. No thanks. The purpose of the governor was to limit engine RPM. I always wondered if that was because the overhead camshaft only had six lobes, each lobe running both valves for a given cylinder.

    I actually preferred driving our section’s shop van–

  3. I’ll be forgoing buying anything Chinese for ever. That includes Volvos.

    BTW I rode in a friend’s the other day. I remember Volvo a being a bit spartan, but still well appointed and built. This thing reminded me of a KIA. Matter of fact, I think the last KIA I drove as a rental was nicer.

    Kind of shocking to see, from what I recall of the old 240 line.

    1. My folks bought a classic Volvo station wagon in 1985. It was still running in 2010. That was the ‘looks like the box it came in’ model; the one I swear the Swedes had secret plans for putting tank turrets on if the Soviets ever invaded.

      Then some time in the ‘90’s Volvo got caught up in the musical chairs game of brand ownership that was going on at the time, and now they’re just one more mediocre car company.

      Their place as makers on the borderline indestructible has been taken by Subaru.

  4. Volvo is trying to kill itself, as is Sweden itself.

    It for sure will be dead in Germany. 112 mph is only 180 kmh. I’ve driven on Autobahns and their clones at 240 kmh+ many times, and still been passed by people, mostly with German plates. Germans are crazy about much, but I love their love of speed.

  5. Before you jump on Volvo, make sure it isn’t a requirement of their government. I know a bunch of Western governments have imposed limiters on cars, and not always by straightforward legislation. Sometimes it’s a requirement for some kind of obscure but necessary licence.

    1. It may be to get their Corporate Average Fleet Economy up, as required by the dirty, infidel bureaucrats.

  6. Are we 100% sure the “stoney Krauts” are native born, or are they the new, upgraded, imported “stoney Krauts”? Because, honestly, we could do without the latter, and likely, the former, as most of them elected Mutti. ? It’s a bit late to be acting up now.

  7. Speed limiters are nothing new. I remember Top Gear reporting that some sports car or other was speed-limited by GPS: unless GPS said you were on a race-track, your speed was limited.

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