1. I keep hearing the sound of popcorn popping. Or maybe it’s just the sound of many heads popping out into the daylight.

    I have to wonder how many of these first time gun owners have simply bought themselves some peace of mind. How many will actually make it to the range? And more important, how many will actually make it to the voting booth?

    1. Almost all those guns will lie unused in bedside drawers or locked away in closets, never to be seen again.

  2. I hope all the new gun owners with their first firearm seek training or at least advice and counseling from a firearm owning friend. AND that the FOF is not a dreadful asshole.

  3. It’s not the Wuhan flu virus doing this, it’s the recognition that government at every level knows fuck-all about how to keep order and keep the necessities flowing without use of deadly force (Violence if an ordinary citizen tries it). Even if said government recognizes that they can’t produce anything themselves except crisis and tax bills.

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