Unhealthy Associations

Here’s yet another reason why running can be bad for your health, and that of others as well:

The Italian super-spreader at the heart of Europe’s coronavirus crisis infected his pregnant wife, two doctors, an elderly woman who died from the illness and at least nine others when medics failed to test him.
The 38-year-old man, known only as Mattia, went to hospital in Codogno, northern Italy, three times with flu-like symptoms before doctors finally screened and diagnosed him with the killer virus.
He was prescribed anti-flu medication and sent home to infect countless others because medics presumed he couldn’t have the illness as he had not been to China.
The marathon runner first complained of feeling unwell on February 14 and was not diagnosed until February 20, six days later, when he developed pneumonia.
When he was rushed to hospital, and told he had developed pneumonia, his wife recalled that he may have been in contact with a friend from China.


I guess this means that you shouldn’t associate with people from China…or with Italian marathon runners either, for that matter.  Seems like commonsense to me.


    1. You were going to have sex with someone from China? Does your wife know about this?

  1. The only group less agreeable to associate with than Runners, are Walkers.
    H/T: ’66 flick “Walk, Don’t Run”
    well, I try to forget about “cyclists” altogether.

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