Stalingrad Falls

…and in other not-news, we have this development:

Less than one-third of women worldwide are satisfied with the size of their breasts.

Anyone (male or female) over the age of 16 will know all this — like we need a study to tell us the news.  [eyecross]

But yes I know, this report is useless wifout pichurs.

Don’t look too unhappy to me, but I’ve never been able to figure out what women are thinking anyway.  All I know is that this girl looks quite satisfied with her superstructure:

But once again, I’m not the expert on this topic.  It might just be the guns.


  1. While I appreciate the look on that last gal, I can also see the impending disaster involving hot shell casings…

    1. That’s a feature, not a bug.

      Just think of the bump and grind action you’ll see once that hot brass finds its mark. 😀

  2. I’ve said for years that most models look like pre-teen boys, because most “fashion” designers are gay men and they want their models to look like the objects of their lust. Those two girls on top need to eat a friggin’ cheeseburger, pronto. No boobs, no ass, no hips, no NOTHING that makes them feminine at all. Which is just how the fashion world likes it.

    If the choice is one of those stick figures up above or a Rubenesque model, I’ll take the Rubenesque every single day of the week, and twice on Friday nights. I bet they’re a hell of a lot more fun.

  3. Kinda got stuck on the partial exposure of the “six pack” in the second pic…much of the required structure supporting the magnificent udders. Ummmm….Ummmmm….Ummm.

  4. That’s the highest percentage of women I’ve ever yet heard of being satisfied with anything.

    That last girl is gonna have back problems. But now I know why girls do that weird leaning-back thing when they shoot.

  5. I can’t help but respect the finger control of the udderly bodacious lady in the last pic, and would very much like to see video of said fingering.
    Control. I meant finger control.

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