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From one of my “List” posts, this one I think about Desert Island Guns, came this thought in Comments:

I look forward to Kim’s lists of “5 guns I would throw in the car if the commies were chasing me” and “5 guns I would pack into the wilderness, if I could find some”.

I’ve probably answered this question in one way or another many times, so I’m going to keep it short.

Commie invasion: AK-47, a scoped sniper rifle, a 12ga shotgun and two 1911 pistols.

In the (African or Canadian) wilderness:  if I had to carry them, I’d want a scoped dangerous game double rifle in .375 H&H and a Blackhawk .44 Magnum revolver.  If I were in a cart / off-road truck, then the above two plus a scoped light rifle in 6.5x55mm Swede, a .22 rifle and another .44 Mag revolver.

There is no “wilderness” in America anymore… [removes tongue from cheek]

Because I haven’t talked much about double rifles before, I’d look at something like this Franchi:

The double trigger is in case one breaks (it happens), in which case you still have one workable barrel.

Simple questions to answer, because I’ve thought about the two scenarios before, and quite often withal.



  1. That Franchi looks gorgeous. But the asking price is eye-watering.

    BTW If that’s your budget, how come there’s no love for the 700 Nitro Express? Or even the 600. For when that rhino really needs stopping.

    1. As the actress said to the bishop when faced with his 14″ member: “You CAN have too much of a good thing.”

  2. Wilderness is a coming. Just imagine (little effort needed) what will be of Chicago when the supply chains and power grid collapse along with what remains of the rule of law. Being 100 miles from this epicenter, one needs to literally be prepared for a siege.

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