News Roundup

Little snippets which don’t deserve a full post.

1) Ireland faces months without a governmentlucky Ireland.

2) Bernie admits that banning assault rifles is just the startwe already knew that, you Marxist motherfucker, but it’s nice to have you come out and say it.

3) Mayor Pete Butt-plug wants to free 74,000 drug dealerssounds like an election-winner right there, Homo Boy Keep those ideas coming.

4) Make gun companies responsible for gun-related deathsJoe The Doddering Fondler exercises his inner Swalwell.  I was gonna say more, but Red Flag.  LOL.

5) POTUS wants Pete Rose in the Hall of Fameget Hillary, Clapper, Comey and all those other coup plotters in jail first, and then we can talk about irrelevancies like this oneEye on the ball, Donald.

6) New Guy On The Borderone word, Brian:  landmines.

And finally:

7) Oscars Triumph — for the first time in living memory, I’d actually seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture before the show (The Irishman), and it sucked.


  1. With regards to drugs, Pete doesn’t go far enough IMHO. I think they should all be legalised. America hasn’t learned the lesson of Prohibition: people want drugs.

  2. 7. You should have gone to Ford vs. Ferrari – also nominated for Best Picture and 3 other categories, won for best Sound and best Editing , Just like Grand Prix from 1966. It’s a reasonably accurate retelling of Ford Ferrari wars of the 60’s and an excellent car flix. On a par with Grand Prix and Le Mans but with an actual storyline.

  3. About liability for gun manufacturers: there are legions of Plaintiff’s Bar attorneys who are salivating at the idea. If that becomes law, within a week, some enterprising Plaintiff’s lawyer will plead a case applying that principle to injuries by automobile. After all; they are already deemed to be deadly weapons by the courts. And all the safe-storage laws? They will also be applied to automobiles. Locking the car may not be sufficient care. It will all come down to what the car owner knew or should have known.
    Just wait until all the automobile owners who want to stick it to gun owners find out that THEIR deadly weapon is treated equally.

  4. For what it’s worth, the wife and I saw 1917 recently, and found it pretty good. A couple inaccuracies to my eyes, but overall a worthwhile use of a couple hours at a matinee price.

  5. Trump uses trivia like the Pete Rose business to distract the EpiDemic-Rats from what he’s actually doing.

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