Asking For It

Here we go again:

A Belgian sports journalist has sparked fury after making a crude comment about a young reporter’s top on Twitter. Sven Spoormakers posted a picture of Belén Mendiguren interviewing cyclists during a race in Argentina, adding the caption: ‘Is it cold in Argentina?’.
The comment prompted a backlash from fellow journalists who took aim at the Belgian for ‘objectifying’ the young reporter. Spoormakers, a former junior cycling champion, initially defended his comment but later backed down and admitted it was ‘offensive to a lot of people’.

Here’s a pic of the “reporter” in question:

I remember our band’s favorite question when faced with an outfit like this:  “Is it cold, or are you just pleased to see me?”

A more pertinent question would be this:  “Why did you put that top on this morning?”  And don’t give me that “It’s so hot!”  bullshit;  she wore it to attract the attention of the men she wanted to interview, and any other reason is a fucking lie.

Sorry, love;  if the goods aren’t to be looked at, don’t put them in the window.  And as for all the other scolds:  FOAD, and take your “fury” with you.


  1. If a woman takes the trouble to show me her body parts, I feel an obligation, out of politeness, to look at them.

  2. No matter the situation or line of work, occasionally someone is going to present themselves in public dressed like they just escaped a Barnum and Baily retirement home. In those situations, I feel obligated to express my feelings, since they went to all that trouble. As my Sainted Father used to say, if you don’t want people to laugh at you, don’t dress like a clown.

  3. She’s not pissed off because she got a man’s attention, but because she got the WRONG man’s attention.

    1. I need to keep a list of truisms with attribution. This one is in the category of statements uncomfortably true to Leftists, like “They do jobs Americans won’t do [at that price].”

  4. She looks good in that top. It’s no doubt far more classy than some snotnosed former sports “star” kid from Belgium.

    If she’s asked “why did you put that top on”, she should just reply “why, it’s illegal here for a woman to go topless”.

  5. I swear, one day I will get a shirt that reads “If it ain’t for sale, why are you advertising?”

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