1. And this is what happens when Fiat Chrysler buys Peugeot, boxed in, under water and no clue how it got there.

  2. I think it’s flooded.

    Should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque

    C’mon ladies, the back seat still works!

  3. When your GPS tells you to make a sharp left turn on a dark and stormy night and your ride turns into flotsam and jetsam.

  4. Defying the trendy ‘toe cleavage’ symbolism with his between-the-toes sandals, Henry stands firm in his belief == the rest of the world isn’t wrong, it’s merely slow to catch on.

    After all, which trend-setter started the well-regarded ‘chunky fellows in flowered bikinis’ fad?

    And who renovated the ‘Beatles flop’ hair-do with exquisite high-lights?

    And who alone brought ‘akimbo’ into modern daily usage?

  5. Seen here during his ‘seashore’ series for an exclusive calendar run, akimbo artist Henry gives us a breath-taking example of his stunning profile.

  6. Provocatively flexing his broad shoulders and ample waist, akimbo artist Henry poses ‘one for the crowd’ of ardent admirers kept behind the ropes by his crew of full-time security.

  7. Seen here relishing a rare moment of quiet reflection, world-renowned akimbo artist Henry wonders how that ‘fresh catch’ would taste with a ‘carbs-plus’ meal… a few nicely toasted bagels and a platter of tatties (extra butter, but that goes without saying).

    After all, a fellow has to watch his weight if he is to keep atop this highly-competitive game!

  8. With only a few days remaining before Santa’s annual excursion, fascinating akimbo artist Henry joins the USO tour group for a ground-breaking performance at the north pole.

    Fortunately for all concerned, the weather was paying close attention to the latest Greta-Gore Warming forecasts, so the day was a balmy 81F (or 27C for you foreigners).
    Henry, remember to wear your sun-screen!

  9. With a few moments respite between takes while the shoot crew re-position cameras and lights, akimbo artist Henry wonders if he has time for ‘a quick dip’.

    And he wonders if, during said dip, his legions of adoring fans would think unkindly of him if he ‘accidently’ purged some of last evening’s broccoli fest… down-stream, of course.

  10. “Sir? I’m calling to tell you that we found that rental car of yours that the late Senator Kennedy reported missing all those years ago”.

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