Too Late For That

From a Democrat:

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) is leaving the party and becoming a Republican over the issue of impeachment, which he has long been opposed to.
Van Drew told CNN earlier this month that Democrats should “be careful what [they] wish for” because impeachment “is tearing the nation apart.”

Hate to tell you this, Jeff old cock, but your ex-buddies started the tearing a long time before impeachment was even mentioned.  Think back to labeling amiable people such as G.W. Bush and even Mitt Romney as “Hitler” and “fascist” — and not once being rebuked by party leadership for doing so — and I think you’ll see who started all this, and when.

Just don’t be surprised if in November, your newly-adopted party’s leader wins 45 states and you lose your seat.  (Think:  Stalin’s opinion of Trotsky, and you’ll get an idea of your party’s reaction.  Remember:  Marxists always reserve their greatest hatred for people whom they call “counter-revolutionaries”, i.e. party members who dare to go against the Party.)

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  1. These switchers only accomplish one thing and that is to come over with all of their left-wing bug-out bags full of liberal ideas which just dilutes the philosophy on the right.

    Stay there, we don’t need you!

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