1. Careful there hoss. Better to ease back into normalcy, you ain’t a young buck any more. I’d suggest a fat juicy 90/10 burger a baked potato and a few mild brews.

    Then, on Sat evening pull out all the stops and eat and drink like an animal. lol

  2. Kim,
    I have to say the pic of Kermit from the prior post gave me a bit of a chuckle . . . yeah, I’m a sick pup. As for your next meal, I respectfully suggest a large, hot, steaming bowl of Jewish Deli mish-mash. If you can’t find that nearby, then a big bowl of chicken soup w/ matzah balls should do. Have the steak (rare) and malbec tonight, maybe with a side of lightly roasted asparagus with some grated gruyere and lemon zest . . . finish w/ a blackberry & nectarine tart topped w/ a touch of hazelnut cream. Damn . . . now I’m hungry. F*ck.

  3. Last time my Doctor suggested a colonoscopy, I asked him if there we any markers that indicated that I was at risk at 73. He sent me home with a Mail in test that cane back negative, so that was the end of that discussion. Some times there are perverse incentives to do a test that is probably not needed but they do to CYA . There are risks associated with just doing the Colonoscopy.

  4. On the subject of colonoscopies, they are routine but still ever so serious procedure that pays dividends to families like mine with a history of colon cancer. So every few years I “ride the silver stallion” to get a look up the nether regions. The last doctor that did the procedure said he does 1500 colonoscopies per year.

    Of interest is your taste in wine — any recommendations, perhaps some vintners from the old country? I know nothing about South African wine.

    1. Me neither. I last drank SA wine in earnest about thirty-five years ago, and things have changed greatly since then.

  5. “ride the silver stallion”

    there are some pictures that do not need painting, but thank you for sharing that positively descriptive metaphor.

  6. I’ve ridden “the silver stallion” more times in my advancing years than I care to count, partly because of family history, but mostly, I think, because my doctor is nervous that a cancer might get missed on his watch and damage his record. Some bad stuff found, removed, and re-play appointments scheduled.

    For me, each colonoscopy was followed with a visit to Wataburger for an order of just about everything on the menu.

    Yeah, before y’all go getting all “preachy” on me, I look at my date with gluttony as sort of flipping off the devil, ’cause I got past him one more time.

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