Getting Serious

I see that the moronic Extinction Rebellion crowd have been acting up again, this time protesting the new (and very-much-needed) new runway at London’s Heathrow Airport.  Which makes me want to suggest to BritPM Boris Johnson my perennial solution:



Tell me you wouldn’t buy tickets to watch that from the bleachers…

Update:  And another one.  With this lot, I’d leave them glued to those blocks, then toss them all off London Bridge into the Thames.


  1. I think you’d be well advised to bring lots of plastic sheeting ala front row attendees at a Gallagher show.

  2. You could raise money for charity by raffling off the chance to drive the tank.

    I think subsidizing Coal Miners would be a worthy charity.

  3. I’d feel very sorry for the sewer workers who would have to deal with all of debris in the drains. I’m thinking triple thickness hazmat suits and Scuba gear.

  4. This is just absurd. Would you leave some poor sclub laying in the street if you came upon him? No of course not, you’d kindly pick them up and move them off the dangerous road. These people standing around should be ashamed of themselves for not picking up all those invalids and moving them out of the way of that bulldozer.

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