1. IMnvHO There will be a brokered convention, where none of the hopefuls will have the needed majority of delegates. Then the “super delegates” will convene and proceed to decree who the dimocrat candidate will be. At the same time, ole Hil will come riding her white horse, just in time to save the dimocrats from themselves. The super delegates, other delegates and all dimocrats will heave a sigh of relief and and eagerly, enthusiastically and collectively join the third run for President of Hillary.
    Remember it’s HER TURN now and overdue.

    1. “Brokered”?

      I’m hoping for a Clinton/Bloomberg cage/ death match. “Two pols enter, one pol leave.”

      Who would win such a match-up? Answer: America.

      And even in the case of a brokered convention, all bets are off and Kamala could easily land the VP spot. Would that make you nervous at all, being President-Elect and Kamala as your VP-Elect? (Hint: If she ask you to try her “Bitter Almond Crunch” cookies, turn them down.)

  2. She’s hinting about the number of people asking her to run and she’s in position to dark horse those running. I think some are too far left and Joe’s to senile to stop her. For entertainment value I hope she declares the day before Michelle Obama throws her hat in the ring. I’m with Insty on this one “run all the candidates”. I’d like to have several liberals running around with the “lost the last one” albatross in 2024.

    1. Strange she doesn’t notice that most of the folks asking her to run are wearing MAGA hats.

  3. I have a similar notion to velocette’s. Creepy Joe will be pushed until even their dead voters realize he is untenable, then either Hillary or Michelle will be the white knight to save the day.

    1. Waiting for Joe to “sundown” at a gathering or debate. Matter of fact, he might have already done so by calling one of his potential voters “fat” and “a liar.”

      (Ask anyone that’s had a parent with dementia what that word means.)

    1. MJ, we can’t have all-day-all-night gorgeous women on this website, or else we’d lose perspective.
      That’s my story anyway.

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