1. I’m checking around for who’ll have good prices on what I want. Our owners in Sacramento have seen fit to make it illegal in Commifornia to buy ammunition via mail order. It’s supposed to cut down on gang violence, but if the gangsters don’t know where out of town is, how can they know how to buy stuff online? Besides, If a gangster goes through more than one box of ammo in his life, it doesn’t show in his shooting skills.

  2. Chinamart, piss be upon them, is clearancing a lot of ammo. I’ve been bypassing them since their betrayal but if the prices get low enough that they’re not actually making money on them… we’ll see.

    Another 500 rounds of 7.62×51 is my default, and keeping an eye on 5.56×45 if some comes on sale. I’m holding out hope for some Federal HST ammo sales but I don’t expect them in time for ‘The Day’.

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