Let’s hear from the “tolerant” wing of Gun Control, Inc.:

And we’re  the extremists?  (More of the same stuff here.)

I suspect that many politicians of the gun-controlling persuasion would clutch their pearls and decry such actions… while secretly egging loons like this on.

I’m also curious as to how he intends to “kill ever NRA member” without using a gun himself.  Spear?  Crossbow?  Kitchen knife?

I know:  we shouldn’t respond to nonsense like this because he’s just blowing off steam — at least, I hope he is, or else someone (not me) might find this cockroach, cut his head off and stick it on a pike in his own front lawn.  In true revolutionary spirit (circa 1789), of course.

Oh, and Mr. Walker:  congratulations.  You just gave gun owners yet another reason to carry a gun.


  1. Why isn’t this moron under arrest and thumbing through the Yellow Pages, trying to find bail money? These are “terroristic threats” if I’ve ever heard them.

  2. He did mention the “middle east”.

    You know what they say….moderate muslims don’t want to kill you, that’s what radical muslims are for.

    That guy’s a red flaggin’ waiting to happen.

  3. This appears to be a troll using old Willie Wilburn Walker’s identity, the real Willie is a conservative, red neck author who is wearing a Confederate soldier’s cap. Some lefty S.O.B. stole his name and picture and just threw some trash out on the interweb because guns, NRA, Trump, and everything else just to stir things up.

    1. You might want to let him know; this is just the kind of “social media” evidence that can be presented for “red flag” SWATting.

  4. “Tolerant wing of Handgun Control, Inc.”
    Like the Sinn Fein was the peaceful wing of the IRA?

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