Been There, Done That

From Knuckledragger comes this admission of low self-control:

“My local gunshop here advertised a [S&W] Model 66-1 for $585 just recently. If I didn’t already have a Model 65, I’d have jumped all over it. As it is, I’m afraid to go in there until I know they’ve sold it because I know I’ll get stupid and put it on layaway anyways.”

I must have done that myself about half a dozen times over the years.  That said, I’ve done the other — bought the damn gun instead — probably about a dozen times.

Actually, I’ve done worse.  I once bought two guns on the same day purely on impulse, but from two  different gun stores.  Which guns?  These two:

1) Swedish Mauser M96  (6.5x55mm)(The Swede came with three battle-packs of the outstanding steel-core Hirtenberg mil-surp ammo, which pretty much sealed the deal.)

2) Inland M1 Carbine (.30 Carbine)

Yeah, like you  wouldn’t have done it if you could…


  1. I’d been meaning to ask about you and the M1 carbine, Kim. Poodle shooter of its day? Maybe not, if you bought one… Like it? Already knew about you and Swedish Mausers, of course. 🙂

  2. I bought my ’96 Mauser and an IBM M1 Carbine at the old Lake County Fairgrounds gun show before the evil ones shut them down. I had a desire for representative samples of each, and they were on my watchlist, but the purchase was impulse on seeing them at the show, in excellent shape and at a very good price.

    I actually had to wait for the Swede’s vendor to come back the next month to pick up my rifle due to IL waiting periods. The carbine at least came from a dealer who was only 40 miles away.

    Still have and love both of them.

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